All you pretty things!

It's been a good month for all things pretty. And what girl doesn't love pretty things? I'll level with you. I used to be a big shopper. I loved it! I lived for it!Trawling through sale racks, finding that elusive bargain; all clothes of course. But my priorities, no, my interests have changed. I'm nesting, you see, which means I get turned on by homeware now rather than shoes. Of course, there'll always be room for another pair of ballet pumps in my closet but I would definitely choose a visit to Crate and Barrel over H&M.

When the sun is out in Chicago we often take ourselves to an amazing Mexican restaurant called Las Fuentes for one of their superb margaritas. They have the most darling little courtyard that is like a much needed oasis in the chaos of the big city, complete with murals and a fountain. We totally chanced upon it one evening when we were out walking in the late afternoon sun and because we'd already eaten we just ordered a margarita. It came in this quirky cactus glass, which tickled me no end, so much so, I've been near on obsessive about buying them for our own kitchen. I really wasn't expecting to find them in the Dollar Tree that has just recently opened near to where we live. Tacky to some, hideous to others, divinely kitsch to me, four of them were promptly purchased and I cannot wait to fill them with a gloriously tangy margarita! Arriba!

Who says food can't be pretty too? I mean everyone loves the sight of a colourful cupcake but I think nature does pretty best. On the outside a watermelon doesn't look like much. In fact, put two side by side and they're downright hilarious! Slice one open, however, and the first thing that strikes you is the colour. That same colour isn't comparable to any other colour in the world. For me it (watermelon) tastes exactly like that colour - fresh, sweet, light, juicy. I can find no fault with a watermelon maybe other than those seeds. I won't lie, I am slightly concerned as to how they grow seedless melons but it does make eating them a whole lot easier. And they really do look so pretty. Edibly pretty. In every way:)

Vintage is another passion of mine and this interest has now extended from clothes to furnishings or anything remotely homey. It does feel great to find that unique item you know no-one else has in their wardrobe, kitchen, livingroom, whatever. I live about a ten minute walk from some seriously amazing vintage stores. It can be dangerous though because I know I will always come home with something and the other day was no different. Hubbie wanted to go for a walk. Fine. We walked to that street with those amazing vintage stores. Great. I stumbled upon some mega cute jars stashed in a box that even the shop assistant wasn't aware of. Fantastic. At $2 dollars a piece they were an absolute steal and exactly what I had been looking for to store my spices. Sold. See what I mean? So now they're sitting beautifully beside my cooker holding my three most used spices: cumin, cinnamon and chilli. Oh, and would you just take a look at them? Sooooooo pretty!

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