Beetroot and Clementine Salad

One of my favourite things of late is to flick through my old cookbooks and veganize all the recipes. Yes, I agree, I am totally sad. Please don't judge though, these are my small pleasures in an otherwise uncertain life. No home, no job, no possessions makes you a little crazy so I take comfort in my new found vegan lifestyle, which gets more exciting with each and every day. I've begun to realise that I am quite lucky to already be a competent cook because I know that many new vegans struggle to stay on track because of their lack of cooking prowess and I can only hope that in some small way my blog can help ease that transition.

So, it's summer and although the weather in Derry can be temperamental to say the least I'm still busting out the salads in the hope that the sun will show its face for more than one day in the week. Salads get a bad rap, especially in Ireland where they mainly consist of lettuce, tomato, onion and if you're lucky a few slices of cucumber - I know my Irish readers are nodding their head in agreement:) In our house the dressing of choice was always thousand island dressing, ah, the memories!

I'm here to redeem the humble summer salad because I know how fantastic they can be. Obviously this can only be done in installments else I overload you with salad awesomeness. This particular one is from Tana Ramsey's Homemade recipe book, which might not first appear to be very vegan friendly but I beg to differ - I've even been able to take some of the sauces meant for meat and put them to good use!

I just adore beetroot and have put it in many a salad (f.y.i. amazing in couscous) but I was looking for a way to allow it to shine in its own right and this dish seemed perfect. It's like a summery sweet 'n sour mix of freshness that encapsulates all that is wonderful about long hot days and cool lingering evenings - okay, I know I'm not on a Greek Island but I can dream can't I?


2 small cooked beetroot

2 clementines

handful flat leaf parsley

2 tablespoons organic white wine vinegar

3/4 tablespoons olive oil


Cut the beetroot into medium slices.

Slice each end off the clementine and carefully cut away the peel - like you would if you were going to segment an orange. You want medium clementine slices also, the same thickness as the beetroot.

On a plate neatly arrange the beetroot and clementine slices, as in the photo:)

In an empty jam jar (we're green here and never throw away a good glass jar!) shake up the vinegar, olive oil and finely chopped parsley. Pour evenly over the salad and leave to infuse for a few minutes before serving as an accompaniment to, well.......anything!

Easy. As. That.

salads, veganAine Carlin