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I'm still in Solihull. Life is hectic. But there's always time for food and fashion! Yes, this is PeaSoupEats but for me this blog is a mini diary tracking my likes and dislikes so it would feel weird keeping such a great sale all to myself. You could say it would be downright selfish. So, here I am with a link in tow to an amazing online sale. For today, I give you PeaSoupWears.... Whilst I may love my fashion it will come as no surprise to most of you that my shopping days have somewhat changed since my foray into the world of veganism. Compromises have had to be made and in truth this has been more difficult than changing my eating habits.

We buy things without thinking all the time. I'm as guilty as the next person. I see something I like and I want it - without giving a second thought to where it was made, by whom and what materials or methods were used. It is of no concern if we want it because that's the way us consumers are. I've come to realise that this is no way to live because that one purchase can have a tiny ripple effect throughout the world possibly or indeed probably right back to the very factory in which it was made.

That is why I have begun to accept responsibility for my actions. I'm a vegan so how can I in all good conscience shop in a store that uses unethical, environmentally unfriendly, unsound eco measures in creating the newest most up to date garment that will surely be tossed in the bin or given to the charity shop in a matter of months.

I've always been a charity shop fiend but recently I've been in them even more than usual so I can categorically state that the two most popular brands to be found in these places is Primark and Topshop. What does that tell us? These brands are the two greatest contributors to throwaway fashion. The fact that the term 'disposable fashion' even exists is terrifying - this consumerist lifestyle is not sustainable and needs to be addressed. Some may argue that Primark have made great strides in improving their ethical standpoint but considering the quantity of garments they make and the cheap materials they use there is only so much they can do. It might sound extreme to suggest buying all second hand, vintage clothing and I would agree. I like new things as much as anyone but I don't want that purchase to contribute to more landfill, more toxins being released into the atmosphere, more animals being needlessly killed, more people being exploited - you get the message.

I try to always take a measured balanced approach to everything I do - this might sound strange coming from a newly converted vegan that only seeks to eat organic and buy secondhand everything:) I can assure you though, I want to enjoy life and I do get a lot of pleasure from finding gorgeous items for myself, my home and my fridge! I'm human and more importantly I'm a girl;) Therefore, if I find a store that happens to sell organic, vegan goods that meet my high standards (I may be vegan but I ain't wearing tie dye!) I want to clap my hands, jump up and down with excitement and then pass on the good news to whoever will listen.

This is my new discovery then and since they have this fabulous sale I think it's only right I let my readers in on the action. If you're also worried about the products you are buying and want to find out whether they meet with your standards then check the brand name on caring consumer. I was so shocked to find out most of my favourite brands do test on animals:( No more Maybelline Lash Stiletto for me (I loved this mascara, by the way). But where one door closes another one opens and I'm delighted that Beauty Without Cruelty might have a mascara that will be the answer to my long lash prayers. Another beauty recommendation comes in the form of Green People's cleanser(this stuff is fab!), which is in their small but perfectly formed vegan range. The only thing stopping me from buying their mascara is the fact that it contains beeswax - hopefully they'll amend the formula soon!

I am getting to the point I promise you but first a few more suggestions. If you haven't discovered it already, People Tree is an ethical fashion company, which sells some uber sweet garments sure to suit any style. They also sell their wares on ASOS and even though their clothes are pretty reasonably priced anyway their sale page is a real treat! Obviously, I love to wear lots of Stella McCartney - ha, in my dreams more like! But seriously, Stella is proof there is no need to wear leather or fur to be fashionable and her beauty products are thankfully more affordable than her clothes. I like her attitude and her promotion of Meat Free Monday makes her an inspiration in my book. Jo Wood also has a fantastic organic range that has some vegan friendly products - I really want one of her divine fragrances. She's so quirky and wonderful (she also looks incredible!) and in my opinion has impeccable taste.

On a slightly more accessible and affordable note Figs and Rouge has a to die for range. Check out your nearest Boots and if they don't stock it yet demand that they do because these products are fabulously vintage and impossibly girly - a must buy!!

Okay, okay, nearly there - I will post the link to that fabulous sale momentarily. If, however, I have intrigued you these three sites are a mixture of informative, insightful and interesting.

Right. Here it is:

p.s. I want the Kathleen Pistachio Wedge in a size 31/2 (teeny feet!) - 18.50 for a pair! Bargain:) xxx