Vegan Things:)

I'm just showing off here so please indulge me:) I've had a particularly productive week - both shopping, eating and cooking - but it didn't start so brilliantly. Cue rant. At the beginning of the week I was in London for an audition, which was a complete wash out:

Attention aspiring filmmakers! Organisation is the key to your success and never is this more important than during the casting process. The actors are an integral component to the success - or not, as the case may be - of your film so please treat them with respect. Give them a heads up about the casting location and if you know there are transport problems be sure to inform them - they probably don't live in that area and the transport for London website is rubbish.

Greet them promptly and if you happen to be having the casting in your house (again, a little unprofessional but something I can overlook) do not leave them sitting in the kitchen for an age before the location guy happens to ask out of curiosity who you are waiting for and kindly goes to get relevant people.

Relevant people - please do not repeatedly call the actor by the wrong name. Understandable if there are a dozen actors at the casting but when there is only one it's disrespectful and more than a little irritating.

Don't ask me to list all my experience when you have my CV and headshot and presumably have looked at it seeing as you gave me an audition. If you haven't, well then yet another organisation, professionalism flaw you need to address.

Please know what part you are casting for - I don't really want to read the part of a middle aged farmers wife when that part has already been cast and I would never be considered for it anyway.  Also, DO NOT call a professional actor in for an audition when the part is a glorified extra job.

In a nutshell, get a clue, get organised and stop wasting my time, energy and money.

Ahhhhh, that feels so much better.

I had to cheer myself up somehow so firstly I treated myself to a delicious meal at Ottolenghi's in Upper Street:

Not much to say about this other than it was LUSH! If you are in London you must go - it would be a crime not to. My Sister and her lovely fella Ed were fabulous company too - hugs to you both:)

Unfortunately all their desserts had egg or dairy in them. I was a wee bit sad about this until I discovered a shop selling non-dairy sorbets in Camden Passage (the quaintest, most gorgeous little cobbled street you ever did see!). I had the 70% dark chocolate and holy mole (get it?) was it good - I almost collapsed in a chocolate induced coma afterwards but it was worth it. If you want to get your hands on some visit this website for details:

To add to my treats, my vegan wedges from Bourgeois Boheme arrived - yay! Just take a look at these babies - it's a bonus they are super comfy too.

I also made a purchase in John Lewis and whilst I can't be sure they are entirely environmentally friendly I'm pretty sure no animals were directly harmed in the making of them. I debated about buying them for a week but in the end they were just too cute to resist. Don't hate me, I am a fallible human being and I likes my kitchenware to the point of obsession:(

What else? Um, Oh yes! Tofu scramble. Seriously, seriously good. It's taken me a while to get around to making this but boy was it worth it. Trust me, this is a winner on many levels and even my Hubbie got excited about it. The world is my tofu scramble oyster now and you'll see what I mean in my next post - keeping schtum about that for now though;) I'd honestly thought my huevos rancheros days were over so you cannot believe how happy I am about this:)

After a dubious start this week has turned out pretty great and I'm feeling perfectly zen now. Leonard Nimoy ends all his tweets with this quote so I have no shame in using it myself:

Love, Light and Peace xx

p.s. I'm now led to believe that LLAP means live, long and prosper - at least when Nimoy uses it. I like both meanings - LLAP to y'all xx