I heart Cornwall x

What a weekend! It doesn't get much better than camping in Cornwall (beautiful Porthleven to be specific) especially when the weather is glorious and the company rocks. I'm well and truly exhausted but strangely invigorated at the same time and still trying to wrap my head around the fact we are going to be living there! I honestly can't believe how lucky I am and all the better that we have found the perfect property. My husband was a little reluctant to return to his hometown of Penzance and this was not helped by the fact I discovered a fantastic flat next door to his old home - weird or what? I managed to convince him to at least view it before writing it off and we both instantly fell in love with the place. You would not believe the view! As I type I'm nervously waiting on a phonecall from the estate agents because unfortunately it would seem someone else is also interested:( I don't know which way it's going to go but it helps that we also realised how much we loved Penzance and after seeing a rather grim property in St.Ives and battling with the tourists it became apparent this was not the place for us. Don't get me wrong, I adore St.Ives - in my opinion one of the most picturesque towns in the world - but we're leaving London to get away from the crowds and Penzance offers the best of both worlds.

What has all this got to do with food? Well, whilst exploring Penzance we chanced upon the most amazing health food store called Archie Browns. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I learnt there was a great vegan cafe upstairs where I then had a delicious three bean chilli and salad. It came topped with a minted yoghurt dressing and my immediate reaction was to question the waitress thinking I had received the vegetarian version. I was a little embarrassed but pleased, of course, to be told it was in fact vegan yoghurt and let me tell you, it tasted go-od:) I know how progressive that part of the world can be particularly when it comes to cuisine but that didn't detract from my sheer delight in realising I have a vegan haven on my doorstep. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg too and I can't wait to get stuck into my Cornish vegan lifestyle and hopefully contribute some of my own food to the local scene.

I've always known Cornwall was my spiritual home but visiting somewhere and living there are two very different realities. This weekend, however, has just reinforced my love for the place and I know we're going to be so happy there. Just when I thought Cornwall couldn't give any more we stopped off in Falmouth on the way back to Solihull to grab a bite to eat and had the most amazing meal in a wonderful little establishment called The Hut. They were so incredibly accommodating in meeting my vegan needs and ensured there was no dairy in my risotto and soup. The chef topped my risotto with half a roasted garlic that blew me away - I was a very happy diner. Everything was so fabulously fresh, seasoned to perfection and the blue poppy seeds in the salad dressing were a touch of genuis - we'll definitely be back! The food was helped by the cosy atmosphere that just screamed Cornwall - so snug, so cute, my kind of place. It was the end of a long weekend so you'll forgive me for just filling my face and not taking any photos.

There were some other good eats to be had - we had tofu wieners (purchased in Archie Browns), which we ate in fresh wholemeal rolls from a local bakery. Our camping pals Matt and Michelle (my Sister in law and her partner) were a bit dubious about these only to be totally won over by their wonderful taste and texture. Michelle is vegetarian and isn't keen on fake meats, which I totally get, but she actually really enjoyed these and Matt also liked them which chuffed me no end. These are absolutely getting bought again - I'm thinking a wiener dog and soy shake house warming, oh yeah!

On Monday morning after a fun filled weekend and maybe some overindulging on the alcohol front (vegan cider and red wine) my garlic mushroom sandwiches went down a treat:)

Oh and totally randomly the costcutter near to the campsite had a fantastic spice and herb section where I managed to pick up some mega cheap bits and bobs including blue poppy seeds, which thanks to The Hut, I'll be adding to my salad dressings.

The only bizarre vegan moment the entire weekend was when I asked about the vegan options in a pub and had crab suggested to me - you win some, you lose some!

Oh man, I am so excited now but am trying not to wish these two weeks away - all part of the new 'enjoy the moment' attitude I'm trying to implement. It's so hard though because I've got that sea air in my lungs, those views burned into my mind and I just want to get down there pronto. Patience is not a strength of mine! For now though I just want that phone to ring and put me out of my misery. Wish me luck x

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