Easy Peasy Tortilla Pizza

What a week it has been! As you may know, my Husband and I are in the midst of filming a short, which has seen us traipsing all over Cornwall (well, our bit right down the bottom anyway) to the most idyllic and scenic places in the world never mind the UK. We've been up at the crack of dawn on many mornings and haven't seen our pillows till very late at night so even though we are dog tired we also feel completely exhilarated - who wouldn't be? Everything culminated yesterday when we attempted to shoot the final footage at a secluded beach. We'd already spent the morning at the harbour and the early part of the afternoon in the woods so we were pretty zapped and enjoying the tranquility of this amazing spot. I should add at this stage that a peculiar thing happened on the way to the beach in question - we had a little follower in the form of a baby Billy Goat! We tried to encourage the wee fella to stay behind but that is easier said than done. We knew we were coming back the same route so we weren't overly concerned and eventually gave up trying to coax him to stay put. The hilarity of seeing the goat on the beach was enough to entertain us all afternoon and he was so sweet. I think a bit of me fell in love him in the short time we spent together - he became our pal. I don't know much about goats - if anything - and was surprised at his tenderness and affectionate way. He loved being stroked and he wasn't hanging around for food because we didn't have any. His presence enhanced the whole experience and we were happy for that alone.

However, we could not have predicted was about to happen next. Whilst we had noticed one or two seals out in the ocean occasionally popping their heads up and playing in the waves the scene that was about to unfold took all our breaths away. Out of the surf came a tiny white seal cub, crawling onto the shore and making its way up the beach to dry land. Of course, we didn't know what to do with ourselves but the goat being ever inquisitive immediately dashed across the rocks to where the seal cub lay in the sand. We promptly followed to make sure the seal cub came to no harm but he (she?) seemed totally chilled and that was the moment a baby billy goat met a seal cub on a beach in Cornwall.

It was completely magical and it's very hard to convey in words but we all felt totally privileged to be able to witness such an incredible sight. I almost didn't get a photo, as I was shaking with excitement and totally caught up in the bizarreness of the situation. I'm convinced there are very few, if any, photographs that capture a meeting of this kind. We were very aware that the seal cub needed to be left alone so after this photo was taken we packed up and went on our way. It's so difficult because your instinct is to want to touch, fell and caress.

The film we are making is about the environment and the wonder of our planet so it was pretty ironic something as wondrous as this should happen. We felt totally blessed.

Okay, so where does a tortilla pizza feature in all this? Well, suffice to say, there's been very little time to prepare food in our busy schedule this week so we've been relying on quick and easy meals that really satisfy. This pizza could not be easier and the tahini, hummus sauce works a treat in place of cheese - seriously! If you're in a hurry and need something substantial and yummy this is a sure fire winner. I've listed ingredients to put on top but in reality you can put whatever you have in your fridge or cupboards - it's a pizza so everyones taste will be different. This is not cooking, it is mere assembling and I like it! Give it a go, I have a feeling it might become a regular in your household too.

easy peasy tortilla pizza

4 wholewheat tortillas

1 sweet red pepper chopped into large chunks

1/2 onion finely sliced

handful sliced mushrooms

small handful spinach leaves

2 tbsp tomato/vegetable puree

1 tbsp chopped jalapeno peppers

for the 'cheese'

1/2 cup hummus

1 tbsp tahini

juice 1/2 lemon

black pepper

pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees celsius/400 fahrenheit. Although you would normally heat an oven to its highest temperature for a real pizza remember these are just flour tortillas and so will cook (burn) very quickly. Turn over a baking sheet and leave it in the oven to heat also whilst you go about assembling your pizza.

You'll need two tortillas for pizza, one on top of another. Spread the tomato puree with the back of spoon leaving a gap around the edge of the pizza.

Mix the 'cheese' ingredients together in a bowl. Set aside.

Arrange the ingredients how you like. Pour over the sauce.

Flour the baking sheet before sliding on the pizzas! Bake for 8-10mins - do keep an eye on it as it may be ready in 6mins depending on your oven. Cut into quarters and eat, eat, eat, eat!

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