Vegan snacks

Sooooooo, I've been a very bad blogger of late. An uber bad one if you will and it makes me very upset because I love this little blog and the wonderful readers and the lovely comments. I'm very lucky really because even though I haven't been updating as regularly my views have remained relatively consistent, which has given me pangs of guilt because I know that some people must be logging on to see if I've finally written something. I've not made any secret of the difficulties this tour has posed with regards to the upkeep of my blog but it has been taken to the next level over the past few weeks. Not only have I not been taking photo's of my food but I've found myself so completely exhausted in the evenings that the thought of typing is just too much exertion.

I have managed to find the time to eat, of course! Breakfast and lunch are rushed jobs but luckily in the evenings I can take a little more time to prepare and enjoy some food - I need this for my sanity alone. For brekkie I've been having toast with peanut/almond butter and jam. I always use jam without added sugar - I'm a fan of St.Dalfour - and I never ever use peanut butter that contains palm oil! Another favourite is fruit, plain soya yoghurt, granola, chopped pecans and a squeeze of agave nectar - seriously delicious. Sometimes carbs are the only thing on my mind though and for those occasions when toast just won't do I'll allow myself a bagel or crumpet. Sainsbury's own brand crumpets are vegan (says so on the packet - thankyou yet again Sainsburys!) and I like the cinnamon and raisin bagels from the New York Bakery Co.

Lunchtimes vary wildly and I could be having anything from leftovers from the night before to a hummus and carrot sandwich. What I do need after each performance though is a sugar fix and this is where my vegan sweet treats come into play. I know I've told you about Nakd bars before but they really are so good. My absolute favourite varieties are without a shadow of a doubt the cashew cookie and cocoa orange - totally yum, totally raw and not totally bad for you. If I'm feeling particularly naughty then only chocolate will do and being vegan doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of this most popular of confectionery. I've sampled too many vegan chocolate bars to keep track of but I was so thrilled to discover these vegan white chocolate buttons. Before my vegan days I was a white chocolate nut and these little Humdinger dairy free beauties really do hit the spot. This company make an array of amazing vegan snacks that make my life so much easier. The latest addition to the Humdinger food family is the fantastic reggae reggae nuts, which are insanely moreish - I love that Levi Roots dude too, he's so cool!

Now I'm entering the treacherous territory of 'may contain' products so you decide for yourself where you stand and how you feel about consuming such foods. For me, I am reassured by The Vegan Society's stance and I choose to enjoy these products. Many dark chocolate bars fall into this category and the one featured here is a Sainsbury's own brand bar that was really very nice. Smooth and not too bitter and excellent for melting, so I'd recommend it for cooking. However, it pales in comparison to Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Giant Buttons. Holy smokes, I cannot begin to explain to you how good these are. Phenomenally good. Extraordinarily good! Nope, it's no good, you'll just have to buy a batch to test yourself. Do it! You know you want to.

Lastly, I have a confession to make. I have a slight obsession with marzipan. Loved by some, loathed by others, marzipan is a curious treat but one I am an unabashed fan of. Ritter Sport do an excellent vegan bar but I'm afraid it doesn't come close to  the Organic Dark Chocolate Marzipan bar made by Lyme Regis. This bar out of this world good and my darling Husband brought me up a few on his last visit. Now that is love.

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