Whiskey Warmer

I am in cocktail mode at present and when that happens anything goes! I had been previously, albeit briefly, crowned the 'cocktail queen', thanks to my efforts at a house party. My technique at the time (with the aid of a few cocktails myself) was to toss just about any spirit and mixer into a glass and hope for the best. Funnily enough some of those cocktails turned out pretty darn drinkable but I'll be darned if I can remember what on earth I put in 'em. This time I'm a little more cautious because a. alcohol is expensive and b. I have a serious fear of failure. So I use other cocktails as inspiration and try to include what booze I have at my disposal. My weeny little cocktail bar isn't brilliantly stocked but there's enough to be working with. Obviously over Christmas I discovered the fantastic Winter Fizz and despite us being unable to find martini glasses anywhere the Candy Cane Martini's I served to my sister in law Michelle went down an absolute storm despite them being served in a cactus style margarita glass - whoever said I wasn't classy?!

So I thought I'd carry on the cocktail momentum and rustle up a few other winners, which is how the 'whiskey warmer' came about. This is a unusual drink that found its origins in the classic Stiletto Cocktail. As nice as the stiletto is I'm certain the whiskey warmer pips it to the post in the taste stakes. You may screw your face up when you read that one of the ingredients is cider but all I can say is trust me, this works!

Bottoms up!

whiskey warmer

1 part scotch

1 part disaronno

3 parts cider

2 parts ginger ale

Firstly ensure your selected cider and scotch is vegan friendly. Next up make sure the ginger ale and cider are nicely chilled.

You'll need a champagne flute - it will work in other glasses, of course, but I find the flute works best.

Measure out and pour in one shot of scotch followed by the disaronno. Tip the glass slightly to pour in the chilled cider (I use to work on the champagne bar in the Roundhouse) and then carefully and slowly top with the ginger ale.

Serve immediately.

cocktails, veganAine Carlin