Ginger Snap Cocktail

Hallelujah! Never has this word more accurately summed up how I am feeling right now,  for it is two more sleeps my friends (two more, I tell ya!) until I am finally back home in the arms of my handsome fella. Two more sleeps until I am back in my beloved Cornwall. Two more sleeps until I am back in my adorable, bijou but perfectly formed flat that, even though I've spent more time away from it than I have actually living in the place, has become my home. Home. There really is no place like it! So, it is with joy that I post this cocktail recipe because I know it will be the last one I will have to write from a grim flat up North. I thought a cocktail would be in order by way of a cyber celebration and I hope you can join me in raising a glass to the end of a very stressful tour that has quite honestly knocked me for six. I'm still unsure about giving too many details about the whole saga - I'll feel more comfortable divulging once I'm back home and I can truly say goodbye to a hardcore three months that I will not be repeating any time soon.

With regards to the cocktail. You must think that a. I'm completely obsessed with ginger ale (you're not far wrong, it is definitely my new fav mixer) and b. I have  a limited range of spirits at my disposal (again, you'd be correct). I don't let that worry me too much, as many of my recipes are derived from what I have lying about the fridge, cupboard or pantry (I blatantly don't have a pantry but oh how I want one - a girl can dream!). More significantly we finally managed to get our hands on some cocktail glasses (don't ask! No, seriously, don't ask.) and I am thrilled by how amazing they are. I kid you not, they actually make drinks taste better - there must be some scientific reason for this because we are convinced it's not our imagination (although an actress and an animator do tend to have pretty wild imaginations!).

I've called it a Ginger Snap because it contains ginger ale - obviously. The snap bit is just a bit of humour on my part because the first sip made me want to snap my fingers hoochie mama style to indicate the fierceness of this drink. Yes, I did just call a cocktail fierce. Ahem, moving on. On second thoughts I realised the snap could also be the tang of the citrus from both the lemon and the cointreau so whichever way you look at it the name fits.

I should say at this point it is imperative to use flat ginger ale. Ours had been opened and used a few days later. A little bit of fizz won't affect it but as flat as you can manage - it will only enhance it. I'm thinking you could substitute the ale for a glorious ginger cordial - I may just have to make a purchase! You could also toss everything into a cocktail shaker with some ice and then pour into the martini glasses, which would work wonderfully too. I didn't but that was mainly due to sheer laziness. In the meantime, and until I further investigate the ginger cordial, here is the recipe for that snappalicious cocktail.

ginger snap cocktail

1 part chilled vodka

1 part cointreau

juice of 1/4 lemon

3 parts flat ginger ale

In a martini glass pour in first the vodka followed by the cointreau, the lemon juice and finally top with ginger ale. Stir with a cocktail stick - preferably from the Hancock Tower or failing that a chop stick will do.

Alternatively throw everything into a cocktail shaker with some ice. Give it good shake and pour into a martini glass.

Sip. Snap. Repeat.

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