Uber Easy Vegan Inside Out Sushi Rolls

Not so long ago I wrote a fairly detailed post on assembling an easy vegan sushi roll. Those ones happened to be the traditional nori roll with the nori sheet surrounding the filling - del.ic.ious. I wasn't sure how to top those homemade nori rolls until I discovered the uramaki roll (inside out roll to you and me). Since then I'm in two minds as to which I prefer, it really is a close call but I think the uramaki might just pip the nori to the post. It's not that I hadn't tasted an inside out roll before. I fondly remember sweet potato maki rolls at Coast (that sushi bar I always bang on about - if you're in Chicago, GO!) and if I ever buy sushi from a supermarket (I know, I know but there are times when a girl needs sushi, even bad sushi) it's the maki rolls I like the most.

Now, I could've given a you a blow by blow picture tutorial of how I went about assembling my uramaki roll - that would've been helpful, right? Yes. But what is even more helpful is me posting a link to the video that helped me construct these fabulous morsels. Watch this video and I doubt you'll have any problems. If you do, blame me.

Of course, this is a vegan inside out roll so ignore the fillings used in the video. I went for a roasted pepper, grated carrot and pea shoot combo. For the few nori rolls I also made I added some bean shoots for extra crunch. I also mixed the umeboshi paste with a little yoghurt, as I found the taste can be somewhat overpowering. You could also use vegan mayo - garlic mayo would also work really well.

Roasted peppers are things of glory, in my opinion, but I find some people can be a bit intimated by them. Fear not. There is absolutely no need to stand over a hot flame whilst rotating your pepper until it's blackened. Nope, nope, nope! The easiest way to roast a pepper is to cut the pepper into quarters (removing the seeds and all that) and place them under a grill (broiler to my American chums) until the skins are black. Remove them and cover tightly with cling film or a clean plastic bag. When they have cooled carefully peel the skin - do not run them under water, as all that lovely charred flavour will be ruined. Slice, chop, use them in a multitude of dishes. They truly are one of the most flavoursome and versatile ingredients, I just love 'em.

Go on - make a maki!

p.s. apologies for including some nori roll photos - I just wanted to show how much my rolling skills have improved. Shameless.

uber easy vegan inside out sushi rolls

1 cup sushi rice

3 sheets nori

1 orange pepper

1 large carrot


2 tsp umeboshi paste

1/4 cup natural soy yoghurt

1/2 cup poppy seeds

3 tbsp sushi rice seasoning

salt and pepper (optional)


wasabi powder

Place the sushi rice in a large saucepan. Cover with two cups water, place a lid on the pan and leave to soak for 30mins. Bring to a boil and then gently simmer for approx 10mins until the all the liquid has been absorbed. Transfer to a baking sheet or large dish, pour over the sushi rice seasoning, mix thoroughly, spread out evenly and leave to cool while you tend to the other ingredients.

Quarter and de-seed the pepper. Place under the grill or broiler and roast until the skin is blackened. Cover tightly with cling or a plastic bag. Allow to cool before peeling the skin. Slice lengthways into long thin strips. Set aside.

In a small bowl combine the yoghurt and umeboshi paste along with a little salt and pepper. Set aside.

Peel and finely grate the carrot. Squeeze out any excess juice by pressing it between your hands - over a sink! Set aside.

Cover your rolling mat with cling film. Halve the nori sheet. Wet your hands and grab a ball of sushi rice, placing it in the centre of the nori and spread by pressing outwards using the tips of your fingers until the rice almost covers the entire sheet - leave a small uncovered strip at the top. Flip the sheet over and arrange your fillings lengthways along the sheet. I began with layering the pepper strips, placing them just above the centre, then carefully spreading the umeboshi paste mixture in the middle of sheet. Place the grated carrot on top of the paste and top everything with a generous handful of peashoots.

Using the mat to help you, tightly roll the sushi - don't be afraid to tuck in ingredients as you go. You don't have to be as delicate with the roll as you might think - roll with confidence!

Pour the poppy seeds into a large plate and coat the sushi by rolling the entire piece in the seeds. Place the roll onto a chopping board. Fill a tall glass or cup with water and wet your knife (make sure it is sharp). Cut the sushi roll in half and place the two smaller rolls beside one another. Clean and wet your knife and cut the doubled up rolls into three, each time cleaning and wetting your knife.

Make up the wasabi using a teaspoon of wasabi powder and a little water. Throughly mix until a thick paste is formed. Put a small amount in a sushi soy sauce dish, pour in a generous amount of tamari and use your chopsticks to incorporate the wasabi. Use this sauce to dip your maki rolls - not too much mind, that stuff is hot!

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