Nyan Nyan Candle Giveaway!

Happy (ever so slightly belated) Birthday to PeaSoupEats! That's right folks, my little blog has been going for just over a year now - where has the time gone, eh? So much has happened in the past year, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say it was monumental! We've moved continents, changed jobs and went vegan - phew! Throughout all the ups and downs my blog has kept me going. It's recorded my transition from omnivore to vegan, gave me a creative outlet when it wasn't possible to act and allowed me to develop some dormant photography skills. Whilst it has been an exciting year there have been some difficult moments too and quite honestly I don't know what I would've done without peasoupeats. It's been a much needed sounding board whilst on a frustrating tour, enabled me to share my favourite recipes and gave me the push I needed to experiment more in the kitchen - taking my passion for food and turning it into an obsession!

So, in order to celebrate my blog birthday in style I thought a giveaway was in order. I've been wanting to have a giveaway for a while now so this is long overdue really but, y'know, I needed to source the right gift first because you guys are special and deserve a special gift. I'd thought about a foodie gift or something for the kitchen but pots and pans don't necessarily say 'I love ya, thanks for reading, keep coming back' so I was kinda waiting for the right thing to come to me and by golly that's just what happened.

I'm crazy about candles (yes, I'm one of those people that dot them all over the place) and have a scary amount of candle holders with more been added with worrying frequency (I think I might have a slight problem). Since going vegan though I've had to be a lot more conscious about my candles to ensure they contain no animal products, i.e. beeswax or animal fat, which can be quite limiting, as soy/plant based candles aren't as widely available much to my dismay. Therefore, when I discover any new company venturing into the soy candle market I want to jump up and down and shout 'hooray'! That' s exactly what happened (kinda - I managed to refrain from jumping and shouting) when I chanced upon Nyan Nyan Candles whilst surfing the web.

Not only are Nyan Nyan made from 100% Soy wax they are completely vegan friendly - in fact, their recipes and methods have been approved by The Vegan Society as being vegan, which means they'll now be able to display that lovely flower symbol on their products. How magnificent is that? Their scented candles contain essential oils - none of this nasty perfumed business - and they come in various varieties so there's something to suit all tastes.

You can imagine then how thrilled I was when the lovely Lucy (the clever girl behind the candles) offered a Large Mandarin and Sweet Orange Pillar Candle for this very giveaway. All you have to do if you want to win this super duper, vegan friendly, smells heavenly without hurting the planet candle is leave a comment below with your name and your favourite peasoupeats recipe. I'll then choose the winner by entering the names into a random number generator thingy and et voila the candle will be winging its way to you pronto.

On this occasion the giveaway is for UK residents only.


p.s. I love ya, thanks for reading, keep coming back x