Mixed Berry Vegan Soft Serve

Just a wee one. The recipe that is - this bit will be as rambling as ever. Let me start by telling you about the really lovely morning I've just had. I took myself to the local leisure centre and joined a fitness class ('totally toning' - here's hoping!). This is something I've been putting off for waaaaay too long - I am the master of excuses. Even though I'm very active in my job (when I'm working anyway) and consider myself to be pretty fit, I was a bit worried I wasn't going to be able to cope with the demands of an hour long class.

I seriously loathe the gym - I sure I'm not the only one - so joining a fitness class is the only way you'll get me to a health club. I think I like to be led in my exercising, which is why I've always used workout videos (dvd's! whatever - I must be old, sigh.). A few of my all time favourites include the Claudia Schiffer Lower Body Workout (I'm bottom heavy and this one is not for the faint hearted), Elle McPherson - The Body (I wish! It's challenging but enjoyable), Rachel Hunter Kickboxing Cardio Workout (remember her? I loved this one for letting out all my aggression) and Barbara Currie 1o Minute Yoga Workouts (I know the yoga purists amongst you will be hanging your head in dismay but she's alright is our Barbara). I've been through a few others like Davina McCall's Three Thirty Minute Workouts (this one got me in shape for my wedding) and last but not least The New York City Ballet Workout, which is tough but brilliant and really improves balance - that reminds me, I must dig that out again.......

Where am I going with all this? No, it's not the fear of getting squeezing into a bikini in the next few months - or in my case wetsuit (we're taking on the mammoth task of learning how to surf!) .Vanity has kinda become secondary whilst I've embarked on my vegan journey. Of course, I still present myself well and I'm sure I'll never stop loving clothes and make-up but how I feel internally is of much more importance to me now.

I've gotten to know myself a lot better over the past year. I'm more in tune with my body and its needs and most of the time I listen. Most of the time. What has changed for us is our increased consumption of sweet foods; cakes, muffins, brownies, ice-cream, chocolate, you get the picture. This is so weird because when we were omni we barely touched the stuff. I never baked - like never. Not because I couldn't but because I had virtually no inclination to do so. Just didn't appeal. The only dessert I would ever order at a restaurant would be ice-cream. In fact ice-cream would be at the tip tip tippety top of my list of sweet treats - I love the stuff. I say love because I have been able to continue that love affair, as there are so many great vegan ice-creams on the market - dang it.

We've been so curious and excited about everything we can eat, we've been hoovering it up likes there's no tomorrow. I've been baking like a mad woman - I seemingly turned into Betty Crocker overnight and ever since there's been an endless stream of cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc, etc.

Enough is enough. I'm listening to my body and cutting out the crap, starting now. We're making roads to incorporating a lot more raw foods into our diet (I even succumbed to buying Kristin Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet book) and we've taken to juicing - although I don't know how that will last given the complaints from our neighbours (I'm not joking!).

I'm realistic though and I know I'm still gonna want to eat something sweet now and again so I've been seeking out healthier (but still super tasty) alternatives to the desserts and snacks we love to eat. Obviously an ice-cream option was a must and this soft serve could not be better or more delicious. To be fair, it ain't even a recipe as such but for me that makes it all the better - it requires mere moments to transform from a bunch of frozen fruit into a wicked (yet guilt free) ice-cream. Aside from having to freeze the fruit beforehand this really is fast work - soft serve in a jiffy! Enjoy x

mixed berry vegan soft serve

2 frozen bananas

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

optional: tablespoon of agave or sweetener of your choice

The only thing I will say is remember to peel your banana and cut it into pieces before freezing - I put the pieces into a plastic sandwich bag (which I re-use) but you could use a tupperware container.

Put all the ingredients into a blender/food processor and blend until completely smooth and the consistency of, well, um, soft serve.

Serve that softy! I even enjoy it for breakfast. What's that? Oh yeah, I eat ice-cream for breakfast - no biggie.