Sweet potato and kiwi soup

What a weird, shouldn't work (but it does!) combination, right? Wrong. Believe me, I am as astounded as you may be to discover that sweet potato and kiwi are a match made in soupy heaven. Sometimes you just gotta work with what you've got to hand. Today that was three sweet potatoes and a kiwi. What possessed me to put them together I don't know but boy am I glad I did. I've always been a total soup aficionado, which means I'm pretty fussy when it comes to the perfect bowlful. Obviously this weather doesn't exactly scream soup but I'm the kind of person that can sup on sumthin' hot anytime and this one went down a treat at lunchtime. Paired with a slice of toasted rye bread I couldn't have been more content.

Now, I think any more than one kiwi might tip this soup from delightful to defunct. That one kiwi lends the perfect balance to the sweet potato and garlic, giving it a much needed spring lift - there's no way one should be eating this in the darker months, should one. Ahem.... I think this Royal Wedding stuff might be getting to me!

The other great thing about this soup is how quick and easy it is. Bish, bash, bosh and you're sitting down to eat in no time at all. I love and need dishes like this at lunchtime - I don't go in for complicated recipes at that time of the day. I will absolutely be making this again, it's too wonderful not to. One thing you can't see very clearly in the photos is that it is beautifully speckled from the kiwi.

Oh, another thing I must must tell you is that I stood up on my surfboard the other day. I was pretty stoked about it and can't wait to get back out in the water again, it is just too much fun.

Lastly, two days in and Hubbie is still off the soy. We've discovered that coconut milk is brilliant in tea. It also helps that we finally invested in a tea pot - a bright orange teapot to be precise - which makes tea making an absolute breeze, particularly in the mornings when I'm in no mood to play around with teabags.

sweet potato and kiwi soup

3 small/medium sweet potatoes

4-5 garlic cloves

1 tbsp vegetable bouillon or stock cube

1 kiwi

salt and pepper

olive oil

filtered water

Peel and roughly chop the sweet potato. Set aside. Also keep the peelings, I'll be showing you what to do with those later.

Roughly chop the garlic. Heat a little olive in a pan. Add the garlic and light fry for a minute or two ensuring it does not brown.

Add the sweet potato, season generously and stir. Allow to cook in the pan for a few minutes before covering with filtered water and stirring in the vegetable bouillon. Bring to a simmer, cover, allowing the sweet potato to gently soften - about 10-15 minutes.

Transfer to a blender, add the peeled and chopped kiwi and blitz until completely smooth. Return to pan, water it down a smidge with some filtered water and let it warm through on a very low heat. Taste for seasoning. I didn't need to add any more salt or pepper but you may want to. It should be quite thick and rich.