Mint Choc Nibbles

Before you even say it, I am totally aware these 'nibbles' look like boobies. I was so very tempted to call them 'raw boobs' but I was worried it would encourage even more sexual spam and I have enough of that to deal with already - delete permanently, delete permanently, delete permanently..... I must admit I  kinda like that they look a bit naughty and they made my Husband giggle - actually he was the one who exclaimed "they look like boobies" when I presented him with one after he arrived home from work. Part of me was tempted to cover them entirely with cacao nibs just to hide the fact they resemble a perfectly rounded breast but where would be the fun in that.

If they were life size I reckon they'd be a D cup, what do you think?

Getting back to the 'nibbles'. I'm certain the addition of a dozen more cacao nibs would not have enhanced their taste or texture. The single cacao nib 'nipple' adds a nice crunch without interfering with the minty chocolatey chewiness. Just the right mesh of textures methinks.

Pecans, I'm told, are a contentious issue in the raw world - something to do with them having to be roasted to a certain temperature before being able to be extracted from their shells. I'm not raw so totally happy to use them in sweets and desserts. They also happen to be my absolute favourite nut - Dear God but they are divine! Raw, not raw, these nibbles are delicious and so unbelievably easy to make. I mean sim-ple. That is if you are in possession of a food processor or hand blender. Currently I am in possession of neither.

The Magic Bullet I ordered weeks ago has still not arrived (grrrrrr) and I've lost patience with the company now so I've asked for a full refund. What a palava!

All I had at my disposal was my Kenwood blender, which was not ideal but I made it work. Lots of hoking and poking with a spatula (take it off the motor when doing this - play safe kids!) to get the mixture unstuck from under the blade. Finally I achieved the rubble I desired and I was off. Making boobies.

Should you not wish to make boobies you can shape the mixture in balls (stop it!) or bars or anything else you desire - keep it clean(ish);) Clearly the boobs have distracted me from the actual recipe and the resulting taste factor.

These taste good. That is all.

Now go forth and make boobies.

mint choc nibbles

1/2 cup halved neglet or medjool dates

1/2 cup pecans

2 tbsp raw cacao powder (you can also use cocoa powder)

1 tsp peppermint essence

handful of cacao nibs

Place everything in a food processor or hand blender and blitz until it forms a rubble.

Line a dish with greaseproof paper.

Transfer the mixture to a bowl and take a teaspoon amount in your hands. Press it together tightly until forms a squidgy ball. Press onto a chopping board and shape into a half moon/dome.

Place nibble on lined dish and repeat. You should get about 10/11 nibbles out of the mixture.

When you have finished shaping them, place a nib into the centre of each nibble and gently press until it is secure.

Eat immediately or refrigerate for a few hours/overnight for a firmer texture.