Humdinger Hummus, Carrot, Cucumber, Avocado and Alfafa Sprout Sandwich

This truly is a humdinger of a sandwich sammich. Hum.Ding.Er. I don't eat many sandwiches nowadays. In fact, I don't eat much bread but I really fancied some this week and you know what? It tasted good. Really good! Obviously my new found appreciation of something as humble and basic as bread is probably bourne out of the distinct lack of it in my diet over the past few months. I've had the occasional slice of rye bread for brekkie - toasted and topped with almond or cashew butter and a smidge of St.Dalfour (my preserve of choice) - but other than that I'm struggling to think of when I last bought a proper loaf.

The first bite of that sandwich tasted unreal - I mean eye rollingly good. So good I insisted on making one for Hubbie to take to work today and I, of course, made another one for my own lunch - well I had to photograph for the blog y'know;)

The only slight change I made today was to include a little grated cucumber, which added another layer to the flavour combos - if you're not a cucumber fan feel free to leave it out. I also chose to use a roasted red pepper hummus but plain ol' traditional hummus would taste equally fantastic. One thing I cannot bend on, however, is the avocado and alfafa sprouts - holy moly, those two ingredients are the main components that bring the whole triumphant ensemble together, so mess with those at your peril.

I felt so happy throughout the entire eating of this sarnie, if someone had been watching (not sure why they would be because that would be a bit creepy but allow me to hypothesize for a moment)I'm sure they would've seen someone (me) chowing down with a stupidly self satisfied grin on their face. This is the kind of effect food has me. It has the power to make me ridiculously happy(the kind of happy that makes you smile from the inside out), to the point where at times I seriously worry about my sanity. Should a sandwich be able to do this or am I just a weird deranged sammich woman? On second thoughts, don't answer that.

Hmmmmm, sammich. Goooooood sammich. Niiiiiiiiice sammich. Maaaaaaake sammich. Eaaaaaaaat sammich.

And once you've done that, you can officially join my 'weird deranged sammich woman's club' (edit: you don't have to be a woman to join, you just have to....make this sandwich, pinky swear you looooooove sammich's and your in! Dems da rules. Get sammichin'!


2 slices of thick wholegrain farmhouse bread (vegan!)

1/2 cup of roasted red pepper hummus

1/2 large carrot

1/4 large cucumber

1/2 avocado

large handful alfafa sprouts

sea salt and pepper

Peel and finely grate the carrot and cucumber.

Halve the avocado, peel and slice lengthways.

Toast the bread - I like mine well done (on the cusp of burnt).

Spread one slice of toasted bread with a generous amount of hummus. Top with the grated carrot and cucumber.

Top with the avocado - layer it in a fan like fashion (fancy!) and lightly season with some sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Spread a little more hummus on top of the avocado - this will ensure the alfafa sprouts will stay put.

Add the final layer of alfafa sprouts. Spread the other slice of toasted bread with the remainder of the hummus and place on top of the sandwich. Carefully cut diagonally - put a sharp knife in the centre of the sandwich, cut outwards on one side and then repeat on the other. This way the ingredients won't spill out the sides:)

Eaaaaaaat saaaaaammich.

bread, veganAine Carlin