Marcus Samuelsson Recipe - Radish, Watermelon and Bulgar Wheat Salad

Just checking in folks with an update on my last cryptic post, which alluded to some health issues that arose from blood tests we had taken last week. Seeing as it's been a year since we went vegan we decided it was about time we got ourselves checked out. I'd never had a blood test before and it was a pretty horrible experience -  I almost passed out and then they couldn't draw any blood, ick, ick, ick. Finally they managed to get some out of me but to say it was unpleasant would be an understatement. Hopefully I won't need to have another one for a while yet.

Hubbie's test went smoothly (show off!) and we went away thinking we'd both be given a clean bill of health. That was until we received a phonecall the following day from the main Doctor at the surgery (never a good sign) to say there had been concern over Hubbie's blood sugar levels and he was to come into the surgery first thing in the morning for another blood test. Um, what?!!

We were absolutely stumped and couldn't believe what we'd just heard. Raised blood sugar levels? It just didn't make sense. We thought we'd escaped the horrors of diabetes by going vegan. How could this happen? The next 24 hours were extremely fraught with thoughts of our future at the forefront of our minds. Like most people we'd planned to live long healthy lives - of course there are certain things you have no control over but the one thing that we thought we'd nailed was our diet. To be honest I was pretty angry.

The next morning, after convincing ourselves Hubbie definitely had diabetes, we made the short walk to the surgery. All the while we talked about how we were going to cope with this illness, which entailed a lifetime of injections. It would also limit where we could live - we'd always planned to try and move to the West Coast of America but what with the medical expenses we would now incur this seemed like an impossibility. In short, it sucked. Big time.

After the appointment with the Doctor we discovered that if Hubbie did indeed have diabetes it was the type 1 kind meaning it had zip to do with our diet, it was entirely genetic. It was nice to know it wasn't our fault but truth be told it was little comfort.

What we could not have predicted was the next phonecall...... an apology from the Doctor to say there had been a misreading and thankfully Hubbie did not have diabetes. Quite the contrary. The second blood test confirmed his blood sugar, iron etc were all within a healthy range and we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Hubbie is healthy! When I heard this I could have collapsed from the relief.

It was a crazy few days but we realise how fortunate we are the outcome is a good one. We thanked (and are still thanking) our lucky stars. Never more poignant was the phrase 'your wealth is your health' - and boy is it. I'm sure we would have dealt with the diabetes (we would've had to) but not having to deal with it is such a blessing. After all the chaos we profoundly know that what we are doing is the right decision for us and we shall proudly continue with our plant based diet because it's a lifestyle we truly believe in.

Most people celebrate with copious amounts of booze or chocolate, we celebrated with a salad, falafel and a chilled glass of vegan friendly fairtrade wine. It was sheer unadulterated bliss.

Here's a link to the salad I made, which was featured on Marcus Samuelsson. Hope you enjoy and whatever you do remember to treasure your health xx