No Added Sugar Banana, Date and Pecan Bread

Well lookie here, a no added sugar Banana, Date and Pecan Bread I made especially for Marcus Samuelsson. I was very careful not to call it a sugar free banana bread - I think I've learnt my lesson with that one;) Nethertheless, I'm pretty confident the lack of refined sugar will appeal to a few of you out there and I can say for sure that the taste and texture was spot on and exactly what I was after. Thick, hearty, flavourful and filling. Like I've said in the Marcus Samuelsson article, this is not one of those cake breads. This is a full on bread bread (not overly sweet) that definitely needs a generous smear of vegan spread to be fully enjoyed at its best. I've also recommended it be served with a proper cup of tea.

I'm currently obsessed with teapots. Seriously. Obsessed. I have a large one I use for breakfast (it holds about four cups) and a smaller one that comes complete with its own cup that holds just under two cups. I realise that sounds like a lot of tea and it is but be rest assured I do not consume six cups of tea a day. No, no, no. I usually half fill the large teapot (it's bright orange you know!) and my Husband and I have a cup each in the morning and I use my weenie teapot about twice a week for a little treat in the afternoon. Well, I do live in England after all!

Okay, I think that's enough detail regarding my tea drinking habits and I haven't even entered herbal territory yet so I'll leave it there for now.

If you fancy an afternoon tea and bread treat then look no it is!