Lunchtime Eats

Back from my travels and raring to go. It's been a wonderful few days comprising of two nights camping and taking in concerts at the Eden Project, a day at the beach watching the Sennen Surf Rodeo and having a few drinks in the evening where I won a raffle (I never win these things) and bagged myself a lovely fleece and uber cute picture for the bathroom - it has deckchairs in it:) All the bands playing at the Eden Sessions were outrageous. The Flaming Lips blew our tiny minds on Thursday and then we had a slightly more chilled evening with the Fleet Foxes on Friday. All the support bands were fantastic too from Ok Go, The Go Team through to The Bees and the Villagers - brilliant, every last one of 'em. We also found ourselves sat beside Badly Drawn Boy, as we were having something to eat in the Mediterranean Biome - weird.

There were plenty of vegan eats to had at Eden and even though we came prepared (I packed everything from hummus to strawberries to raw bars) it was so nice to be able to eat what was available. They were serving a Spanish style mushroom ragout on the first day, which was served with a huge hunk of freshly baked wholemeal bread and the following day we enjoyed a vegan and gluten free savoury danish that was filled with all sorts of roasted vegetables and came with a lovely little side salad. Both dishes were kinda fabulous and both days we washed it down with a cup of their refreshing homemade lemonade - we were very happy campers. Literally.

We were also surprised to discover we could partake in the food served at the surf rodeo - vegetable chilli and chips (fries), yeow! In fact, even though there was a huge hog roast available I noticed it was barely touched and everyone at our table chowed down on the chilli - how unbelievably cool is that?

It's been two full on weekends and I must say I'm looking forward to taking it easy for a few days. The previous weekend was the culmination of a week of celebration here in Penzance, called Golowan. The Saturday is what is known as Mazey Day and it's usually chaos, which, because we had to attend Hubbie's premiere (the cartoon he's been working on is now airing on Disney Junior - yay!) we managed to avoid - probably a good thing.

On the Sunday we helped break smash (you loose Hastings!) the world record for having the most pirates in the one place - nearly 9000 peeps showed up in their pirating garb. I was pretty lame really but I managed to just about pull it off with a stripey top, head scarf, sword and a lot of tacky jewellery (hence the ring in the photo). Again, the food situation was pretty darn good with a super falafel stall and a we couldn't resist the dairy free chocolate sorbet from Willy Wallers. What you see in the photo above is the empty tub that I scraped clean - holy smokes it was tasty.

Even though we've been eating pretty healthily, it's nice to be back in my own kitchen, in complete control of what goes into my food. I found these photos on my computer and they are a fairly good representation of the kind of thing I eat during the week when I'm on my own. I've not given any recipes because they're just throw it together dishes but there is certainly a common theme when it comes to the ingredients. Here's a list of what you might typically find in my lunches:

black beans



spring onions




alfafa sprouts


sea vegetables


grated carrot

bulgar wheat

cous cous


mung bean noodles

flat leaf parsley

coriander (cilantro)

lemon and lime juice

extra virgin olive oil

oh and hummus, lots and lots of hummus.....

the one featured here is a roasted red pepper one:

Bung two cans of garbanzo beans (chickpeas), a dollop of tahini, 1 or 2 garlic cloves, the juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 large roasted red pepper from a jar and  salt and pepper into a blender and blitz until smooth. Season to taste and add more lemon juice as desired. Couldn't be easier and lasts for days.

I'm not afraid to mix it up and you should do the same. In my opinion you can't go wrong. Play with dressings, combinations and most of all have fun. Sometimes we take cooking way too seriously. Get down and dirty - it's the only way.

peace out.

love, love.

come back for more x


These are my favourite glasses - you gotta hand it to Viv, she knows a thing or two about design;)