BDT Recipe - Rose Infused Tapioca Pudding

New week. New start. New Template. You likey? I prefer the white background, as it makes the photos pop a bit more. I'm feeling refreshed today (unusual for a Monday) after a weekend spent with family. We bbq'd, watched Gnomeo and Juliet (actually very funny), drank a little wine and just generally chilled.

I decided to take some advice from one of my readers - thankyou Saveur (Janet) - and stopped to smell the roses for a bit. I indeed have been doing a bit of reflecting. I reflected as I made my potato salad. I reflected as I made my mango salsa and matcha shortbread cookies, which I subsequently used to make ice-cream sandwiches - o.m.g! I reflected as I taught my Sister in Law the secret to a great tabbouleh (lots of parsley and a decent amount of mint) and I reflected as I consumed all of the above food whilst supping on a cold beer (bliss!). You might say I had a reflection overdose if such a thing is possible. Suffice to say, I'm all reflectioned (is that a word?) out.

During this time of reflection I steadfastly resisted the urge to photograph anything. I almost had to sit on my hands. Even when my matcha cookies turned out perfectly and I decided to dip the rim in chocolate and roll them in ground almonds. Even then I remained strong and didn't attempt to capture their loveliness. Rather hilariously, Hubbie decided they were too pretty to go ignored and so took a couple of impromptu snaps with his iphone.

Whilst it was nice to enjoy my cooking without feeling the pressure to record it in many ways i also missed it. Creating recipes, blogging and photographing my food has become such an integral part of my life. It makes me happy.

After a weekend of wonderful eats, great company and beautiful weather I feel positive about the direction PeaSoupEats is going in and I'm excited for the future. Looking back over my old posts makes me realise how far I've come in just over a year. I can't believe how hilariously bad some of my early photos are (if you want to amuse yourself just click on Feb 2010) and never would I have dreamed I'd become vegan along the way nor indeed be contributing to other websites.

In honour of PeaSoupEats past, present and future, let me direct you to one of my latest recipes on BrewDrinkingThinkings - a rich and creamy Rose Infused Tapioca Pudding with Poached Rhubarb. Even if you think you hate tapioca pudding I urge you to reconsider and give it another chance because this one couldn't be further the slop you were served at school.

Over and out. Onwards and upwards. Peace and love.

dessert, veganAine Carlin