Mexican Black Bean Soup

The latest issue of Brew Drinking Thinkings has just been published and my final two contributions are now visible on the site. I've been a very bad blogger of late, what with my Family visiting and having to cater for five and six people every evening. I'm sure many would find cooking for five a piece of cake but as I'm used to just feeding me and Hubbie it's been a real challenge. For the most part though I have enjoyed it immensely and along the way have developed strategies to help me cope. I must say I've really missed my usual dishes - I've had to adapt our meals slightly, as I don't think my parents are quite ready for a Buddha Bowl with Kale for dinner. I've managed to squeeze in a few smoothies and have ensured to include lots of nuts, seeds and all that nonsense but not having my usual uber healthy lunches is starting to take its toll.

Ironically, my Parents and Sister have seen a marked improvement in their energy levels, skin and erm, toilet time. I never would've thought my vegan meals would be received so well and I hope they continue in some small way when they return home. I don't expect my Family to go meat and dairy free immediately but I hope they now have the incentive to gradually wean themselves off the bad stuff.

Perhaps they'll be tempted to try a few of my recipes now (they like to read the posts but only my Sister has attempted to make anything) and this Mexican Black Bean soup would be a great evening meal for even the most reluctant of cooks. Apart from the blending (which is hardly an inconvenience) it's as simple as it gets.

Talking of Mexican, tonight I'm rustling up some kale and potato enchilladas courtesy of the vegan bible that is Veganomicon and I have no doubt they're going to be a huge hit. Almost as good as my Mexican Black Bean Soup;)

mexican, soup, veganAine Carlin