Mango & Banana Smoothie Soft Serve Pudding

Los Padres are getting ready to depart so whilst they are busying themselves packing I thought I'd squeeze in a wee bloggy post. Wow, have these two weeks flown! I cannot believe they are all leaving today:( It's kinda unfathomable we managed to avoid any major rows (there's usually one or two humdingers) but we must've learnt from past errors and side swerved any tension before it erupted into a full blown argument. Go us!

Yesterday me and Sis had a bit of a tiff over some dates (ah, Families!) but it was rectified reasonably swiftly and we went on to enjoy a guargantuan Chinese meal at the Moonflower in Porthleven. Remember that place? I've mentioned it before because it has the best vegan selection I've yet to come across in any omni establishment. They are also super helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly serve ridiculously tasty food - always a winner.

I was also tempted by their signature cocktail (unsurprisingly named 'The Moonflower'), which contained a heck of a lot of alcohol - try vodka and two different kinds of schnapps (yowsas!) - and as I'd already knocked back two G&T's I was pretty darn merry.

Tomorrow everything will be back to normal though - whatever normal may be; my normal is certainly not what others would constitute as regular life. Hey ho, dats how it goes. I've had a fantastic couple of weeks with the Fam but I am looking forward to getting back to my routine, such as it is. First things first, this flat needs a thorough clean from top to bottom. I am a bit of neat nerd and I can't stand mess but having five and six people living in such a small space for a fortnight means relinquishing control (which hasn't been easy) and trying not to be so picky. I had a few moments but became more relaxed as the days went on.

Additionally, whilst all my meals have been vegan my diet has not been as clean as it usually is and I've felt the affects. In fact, for the first time in a long time I completely crashed out last night after our Chinese meal. As soon as we arrived back I collapsed on the bed and napped for over an hour before getting myself properly ready for beddie byes. I was well and truly zapped and I know exactly what was to blame. Sugar.

Sugar isn't all bad but in actual fact we need very little of it and even that should be in form of fruits, which give us other benefits as well as tasting wonderful. Next week will see me cleaning up my sugar filled diet of the past two weeks and including much more greens and eliminating soya milk entirely - I dread to think how much I've consumed. It'll be back to my other favourite plant milks including oat, almond and coconut and I've no doubt I will feel the benefits immediately.

If I do fancy a treat during the week (and I will!) I'll turn to my soft serves. I adore frozen blended fruit and there are so many combinations, I never tire of them. I was particularly pleased with this mango and banana combo and it certainly satisfied my sugar craving.

This will be my last ever recipe contribution to BDT but I hope you'll continue to read and support this cool little online magazine.

Also, I was thinking of trying my hand at a vlog (video blog) - what do you think, yay or nay? The first one would focus on the content of my fridge and cupboards and give you an idea of the kinds of things I rely on in my day to day living. I hope it's something you'd be interested in because I must say I'm excited about it and I know from my perspective I always love a sneaky peek in other peoples cupboards. Voyeur? Moi?