Pistachio, Pecan and Goji Berry Bites

These are my latest Marcus Samuelsson offering. I've made a thousand and one variations of these simple raw balls but I must say the top spot has now officially been taken by this pistachio, pecan and goji berry version - born out of a need to use up bits in my cupboard more than anything else. Pistachio's have always been my favourite nut. As a young teen I was obsessed with Paula Danziger's The Pistachio Prescription but the problem was pistachios were few and far between in Northern Ireland in the early nineties. At least I rarely came across them and when I did they got snapped up in a heartbeat. Shelling those beautiful green nuts was a soothing practice and still is, especially when sitting beside an open fire in my Husbands Parents cute cottage in France. I digress.

I'm not exactly sure why I identified with Cassie because apart from having the same brown hair and brown eyes I had little to nothing in common with her. Dang it though, I did love that book and I must've taken it out of the school library at least a dozen times. Aside from anything else, it fuelled my passion for pistachios and for that I am ever grateful.

Paula died in 2004 following complications from a heart attack. I remember the book item she presented on Going Live (a Saturday Morning Kids show in the UK - no longer in existence) and she seemed liked quite a character. Such a shame she passed when she did but she left a wonderful legacy of kids and teen books that will be appreciated for generations to come I am sure.

These bites are my very own updated pistachio prescription. Full of goodness, fantastic tasting and best of all easy peasy lemon squeezy y'all!!

For your own pistachio prescription head on over to Marcus Samuelsson for the lowdown on ingredients and method.


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