I went out for tea and came back with........

Many of you may know that I love clothes. My passion for threads mainly comes in the form of vintage clothing that I mix with high street finds – seeing as I cannot afford to pay a premium for designer pieces.

In fact, the only true designer items I own are my Vivienne Westwood glasses (a Christmas present from Hubbie) and my Betsey Johnson sunnies, which I totally adore.

I generally try not to buy tat and everything I own I will wear at some point – meaning my closet is literally full to bursting (and it’s a walk in). Poor Hubbie has to make do with a teeny built in closet in the bedroom and a hanger rail over the door – I do feel kinda guilty about it. Not guilty enough to give him any more space though;)

Anyway, this minor obsession with all things pretty often sees me run amok in town when all I’ve gone in for is some teabags. I really did think I could get in and out with only the teabags. Silly me. Will I ever learn?

My budget ain’t huge but that really doesn’t bother me. Obviously being vegan rules out a lot of clothing and shoes can be a huge stumbling block, what with the majority being made from leather or other animal products. Whilst I have bought vegan shoes from vegan outlets (like this one) sometimes the styles, price, fit just aren’t right. I’ve never been a massive internet shopper, as I prefer to try before I buy – more so shoes than anything else. This means I’m relegated to high street stores that sell shoes made from synthetic man made materials.

Peacocks is one such shop and whilst I do like many of their styles it does concern me a little that there is no information regarding the glues they use. It may or may not be animal based, there doesn’t seem to be a conclusive answer. Sooooo, there’s always a bit of a moral dilemma going on when I do buy shoes from such a place and even though I know the material is vegan, I can only hope the glue is also. Wishful thinking? Where do you stand on the shoe debate?

Also, with regards to the ethics of peacocks, here is a link to their website where they state they are ‘committed to ethical practices in all operations’. Whether you wish to believe that or not is entirely up to you but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Like I said, I went out for tea and came back with…… two pairs of shoes (sandals and pumps, which I think are super cute and they are also mega comfy), a gorgeous vintage scarf (polyester) that I spied in a charity shop (Barnardos) and last but not least a gold (so not gold, lol!) leaf neck from M&Co.

I try my very best not to buy things needlessly but I’m no saint. I do support vegan businesses when possible but I also want to encourage the high street to move with the times and provide clothing, footwear and accessories that are not so reliant on animals.

It’s a complex issue with no quick or easy solution and we all have differing opinions on the matter. I know of vegans who are more than happy to purchase second hand leather goods and whilst I do have a few remaining leather items (incl. a vintage retro recliner) that I cannot afford to replace I couldn’t bring any more leather into my home. It just wouldn’t feel right. Same goes for silk, wool and the rest. I’d love to know how my fellow vegans handle this in their own lives – where do you draw the line?

Back to the issue at hand.

I’m a shopper.

Now that you know my dirty little secret are you willing to tell me yours? Leave your confession in the comments below. I can’t promise to absolve you but maybe we can just be bad together!

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