PeaSoupPicks!!! Vegan Fashion Finds!!!

As you know, I've just begun a professional styling course (woot!), which means I'm currently trawling every collection under the sun - fun, fun, fun! I'm also brushing up on my fashion history(I heart Coco - heck, who doesn't!), which is leading me to some fantastic collections of yester year and whilst many of the clothes may not be vegan friendly I am determined to bring these looks up to date and prove that cruelty free fashion is easy peasy lemon squeezy. many cases you don't have to give up on your favourite designers - good news indeed, as I can't help but drool over the latest Marc Jacobs collection. Just stay away from the fur;)

All this research is overwhelming because there are so many beautifully designed vegan clothes available now and I want it all!!! In fact, I can't see it being very long before more designers adopt a vegan friendly, eco, green (whatever you want to call it) approach when choosing materials for their collections.

We already have Vivienne Westwood leading the way with her collaboration with vegan shoe brand Melissa (f.y.i. I insisted my Sister buy the wicked Alexandre Herchcovitch pair above - you can find them here on ASOS) and there are many fantastic vegan designers regularly emerging, like Dalia MacPhee. Mac Phee's designs are outrageous in my opinion and I just adore her use of colour - the shades are spot on.

I can totally imagine my Sister rockin' one of her designs at a Music Industry event or even a glamorous concert performance. Take a look at this one I have ear marked for such an occasion (I'm always trying to get my Sister out of black!) although there were a dozen others I liked equally as much. Also, did you know Nordstrom now ship to the UK? Uh-oh!

Another vegan brand I am loving is the Chicago based Vaute Couture. Having spent two winters in Chi-town I totally understand the need for a warm jacket that is also stylish, wearable and versatile. However, most jackets on the market are filled with down feathers, so Vaute Couture really are solving a huge problem that many vegans face during those bitter cold winter months. I have my eye on this number......

Like many other girls, I am tad bit obsessed with bags and shoes and just because I'm vegan doesn't mean I have to miss out. This Melie Bianco bag has my name written all over it but I'm going to wait a while and hopefully get it in the inevitable Fashion Conscience sale.

Closer to home I'm hankering after a pair of not yet available (hurry up already!) sea-legs 100% organic cotton leggings from fabulous Cornish brand Seasalt. I want all three colours. Of course!

I'm always on the lookout for unique frames and these incredibly reasonably priced pair from BonLook are pretty much rocking my world right now. Want. So. Bad.

On the accessory front I am totally besotted with everything from hip jewellery store Galibardy but in particular this super cute bike necklace. Have you ever? Too darn pretty.

Now, if you think aztec is out, think again, because Devon based brand Kuccia are still serving up some totally awesome prints that will work right through the autumn. I almost bought this dress the other day and I'm so annoyed I didn't snap it up, as it was on sale in a local surf store for 17quid! Ugh, c'est la vie, eh?

Personally, I'd be pairing this dress with thick black tights because that's just my vibe but it would look great bare legged too. What you can't see clearly from the photo are the fabulous shoulder pads that really make this dress a cut above the rest and when on give it an outrageous shape that even my Hubbie can vouch for.

Geometric prints are gonna be big I think - I can't wait to see the V&A's exhibition Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990, which runs from the 24th September. These casual vegan boots from Osborn are so unbelievably sweet, I can imagine myself stomping all over Cornwall in them blissfully blister free. Living in rugged terrain, I'm all about the flats.

This is just a ramshackle collection of my favourite current finds but I will definitely be posting vegan ensemble ideas very very soon. If you can't wait until then, why not mosey on over to brilliant vegan fashion blog The Streets I Know who's tagline is 'Putting the Compassion Back in Fashion'! Right on girl! Right. On.

What vegan fashion finds are you currently coveting?