Coconut Lime Loaf on One Green Planet!

I cannot tell you how thrilled and excited I am to have one of my recipes featured on fabulous online publication One Green Planet.

Stoked. Beyond. Belief.

Seriously, this is a huge deal for me because I love, love, love One Green Planet and think the work they do is so vital in helping make veganism accessible to the masses. They're bringin' it mainstream, yo!

With their links to the Huffington Post, they are able to have open dialogue with vegans and non vegans alike and provoke intelligent, thought provoking communication that is neither pushy nor militant - just plain informative. These guys give veganism a very good name.

I often peruse their site looking for recipes (of which there are many - all brilliant!) and love reading their articles, which range from the environment to social situations - I don't what I'd do without their advice sometimes.

So when I discovered my recipe had been selected to be featured on their fabulous website I almost couldn't contain myself.

Me? On One Green Planet? Are you sure?

Some of my favourite vegan bloggers are contributors to One Green Planet - people like Chocolate Covered Katie, Namely Marly, Bonzai Aphrodite and Manifest Vegan to name a few - which makes it even more of an achievement. These are bloggers I aspire to be like!

If you want to try out my latest creation (which is also gluten free, by the way!) then please head on over to One Green Planet where you'll find the recipe for my Gluten Free Coconut Lime Loaf.

I have a feeling I'm going to be grinning all day:)

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