One Green Planet - Cashew Cream Cups!

Well whaddya know! I've just gone and got another recipe of mine published on One Green Planet - eek! Thrilled. To. Bits. (you can find the recipe here)

Cashew Cream must be one of the seven wonders of the vegan world. I'm not sure what the other six are but avocado has to be in the mix. Anyway, I am completely obsessed with cashew cream at present. I eat it with fruit, on oatmeal, by the spoonful. It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes (make sure to omit the sweetener!) and it may just be the answer to my dinner party prayers. I'm always on the lookout for a quick, tasty and reasonably impressive dessert dish that I can prepare in advance and these cups are it.

The crust is crazy good too and even if you're not into walnuts then switch it up with pecans (equally fabulous) or even cashews, although I prefer not to do the cashew on cashew thing. It's just my preference but feel free to work it if you wish.

We happen to have a few guests coming to visit us on Thursday and I'm definitely gonna pop some crusts in the freezer and make a batch of cashew cream for the inevitable impromptu dessert or late night snack. That's the wonderful thing about this recipe - you can make it in advance and leave it in the freezer/fridge until you need it.

Oh yes, and don't bother telling your guests it's raw until they've eaten devoured it. That way they can enjoy it prejudice free before being stunned with the raw reveal. Sneaky but justified;)

dessert, veganAine Carlin