What I'm Wearing.....

Vegan Girls read Vogue too!

(jeans: Primark, navy blue loose t-shirt: Peacocks, bird print jacket: H! by Henry Holland, faux leather bag: Primark, bracelet: gift from my Mother, silver stud earrings: Superdrug, red patterned scarf: market stall, sunglasses: Betsey Johnson)

Okay, so I'm in two minds about posting this. For one, I hate posing and even though I'm an actress, I can actually be quite camera shy and two, it feels a little weird showing off my clobber in this way because I guess it's kinda personal and that makes me feel somewhat exposed - says the girl who divulges what she eats on a near daily basis.

(green trench coat: Debenhams, yellow zebra print blouse: H! by Henry Holland, purple skirt: charity shop, vintage Bally boots: ebay, glasses: mens NHS frames, Bob Dylan button/badge: Camden Market)

Anyhoo, since embarking on my styling course (which I'm LOVING!) I've come to realise (not that I didn't realise before but it's just been reinforced) that, whilst I love fashion in the broadest sense of the word, I am not a follower of trends. I've always loathed looking like every other girl on the highstreet and ever since I can remember, have made a point of not buying into the latest 'look'.

(leopard print cardigan: ICHI, purple stretch long vest: Topshop, navy blue blouse top: Gosha, leggings: Sainsburys, pumps: Faith, necklace: vintage)


That's not to say I don't buy from highstreet stores. I do. But, I tend to pair those items with vintage pieces or wear it in a different way to how it's being presented in the magazines - if you get what I mean.

Clothes have always been a great comfort to me and my closet is one of my most prized possessions. I've been adding to it for years and have gradually acquired what I believe to be a very diverse wardrobe. I often hold on to pieces for years including the pretty blouse in the picture at the very bottom of the post, which I've had since I was fourteen! How crazy is that? I love that blouse so much and it never goes out of style. Well, not in my world anyway.

It's no secret I love my 50's, 60's and 70's gear and even though my look can often be very retro I also like to don other looks, which are decidedly more modern.

Being vegan has made me more conscious of where my clothes come from, how they're made, what materials have been used, but I see this as an opportunity rather than a limitation. As far as I'm concerned the only limit is your imagination. I refuse to dispose or donate my leather, silk and wool items for various reasons. Mainly, I can't afford to replace many of these items and donating them seems a tad ridiculous when I in fact still use and need them.

Take my beige leather boots (or indeed the Bally boots above), for example. I've had those boots for almost a decade. They've been re-heeled several times and they still look incredible but more importantly are ridiculously comfortable, go with just about everything in my wardrobe and keep me dry in the Winter. What would be the point in getting shot of them only to have them replaced (which would be a feat in itself) with a pair of vegan boots that I would inevitably have to order over the internet.

This leads me to problem number 2.

I'm not a big fan of buying shoes off the internet. I have silly small feet (uk size 3/us size 5) but sometimes they can be a 3 and a half or even a 4 - it totally depends on the shoe. When I buy shoes or boots I like to walk around the store, get a feel for them, see them from different angles because only then can you be sure they're going to work.

Because I loathe waste, I would hate to buy a pair of shoes that would subsequently languish in my closet for years. There's nothing I have bought that I don't wear. Nothing. Even if it sits there unworn for six months, an opportunity never fails to show up where that particular dress/skirt/blouse becomes my saving grace.

(sweater: Dorothy Perkins, light brown stretch top: H&M, black culotte trousers: H&M, grey footless tights: Lidl (yes, really!) purple pumps: Blu, scarf: vintage, black stud earrings: Superdrug)

I'm babbling, so let me stop there lest I bore you even further with my horribly strong opinions. Suffice to say, these outfits are just a taste of what I'm currently wearing because like my mood, my tastes and desires change every day.

(blouse: vintage, anchor print headscarf/bandana: market stall in India, glasses: mens NHS frames)

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