Veggie Site Award!!!

I'm in France. Yay!

At a McDonalds. Boo:(

Before you all go sending me hate mail though let me explain myself. We're currently visiting Hubbie's parents and there's nowhere with wifi for miles around and we were desperate. So here we are sat in a Maccy D's with a Grande Cafe in hand - please God don't tell me there's ground up shellfish or some lark in it because that really is the last thing I need to hear. There isn't ground up shellfish in it though, is there? Just checking.

You can't be too careful in France, they love to slip animal products into everything - and I do mean everything! We'd barely arrived when I'd already bitten into something that contained, wait for it and have a sick bucket at the ready, goddamn pork (or should that be porc?). Sweet Lord, that was not a pleasant moment and I actually almost passed out. No, seriously, I had to sit down and gather myself. It was the first time meat has passed my lips in quite some time and it was worse than I could ever have imagined. Luckily I didn't shallow any of it - small mercies and all that - but just knowing it was inside my meat free mouth for even a few seconds was enough to send me into a tailspin.

Hubbie didn't know what to make of it so remained silent throughout my little meltdown - bless him. Suffice to say, I learnt a hard lesson - never buy supposedly 'vegan' food from a street vendor with limited English. Onwards and upwards, we braved the supermarkets and so far we've been pleasantly surprised and have stocked up on organic (bio) soya milk for our tea, vegan mayo, vegan pates, dairy free sorbet, veggie 'steaks' and so on and so forth.

I will go into way more detail when I get back to Blighty(there'll be bluebirds over......sniff), as I'm sure lots of you want to know how to eat vegan in the most vegan unfriendly place on the planet - of this I am sure.

For now though, be rest assured we are feeding ourselves well and enjoying our stay in what is a truly beautiful Country (eating habits aside). It really feels autumnal here and we've taken wonderful walks in the woodlands, along the coast and in outrageously quaint towns and villages. We've also been chilling like there's no tomorrow - log fires, movies, copious amounts of tea and endless chatter.

I was actually kind of dreading opening up my email (the real world beckoned- ugh!) but when I saw my veggie award I couldn't have been more ecstatic. It's so nice to be recognised in this way, I am truly chuffed to bits. Thanks to all my wonderful readers for making this possible and my Mum and Dad and....too much? Ahem. Seriously though, pleased as punch, so ta very much x

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