Last of the Summer bbq's

This was a post I meant to publish before I went on holiday - hope you don't mind my terrible tardiness!

The weather has been absolutely glorious over the past week but as I've been in London I haven't really been able to take advantage. It was great then to eek out the last of the 'summer' when I returned by having a long awaited bbq on the beach - we've only experienced one beach bbq the entire time we've lived here!

You might also have noticed a distinct lack of posting recently and for that I can only apologise. I'm currently in the process of getting my life together, which might sound a tad dramatic but I can't think of a better way to explain it.

Since deciding to change direction and go down a distinctly different career route everything has been a little nuts around here, even resulting in me going to London for a weeks work experience at a Magazine - hence the brief hiatus!

I cannot tell you how great it was to be back in the Capital. As much as I adore Cornwall, I have missed the hustle and bustle of London Town. The fact the weather has been outrageously good was an unexpected bonus and to be honest I felt more alive than I have done in months. I've mentioned before how the lack of contact  down here has been excruciating, so staying with my Sister was the perfect remedy to get me back on track.

Coming back to Cornwall, I realised that with our imminent departure looming I had to make the most of every second we have left in this magnificent county. Our sunset bbq could not have been nicer and for those of you who think that being vegan means you can't enjoy a good grill fest, then let me immediately qualm those unwarranted worries and let you know what we enjoyed....

corn on the cob - grilled until it's gorgeously caramelised

vegan sausages - grilled and served in a grilled pitta along with salad, hummus, couscous salad and lashings of Nandos Hot Sauce; I'm all about the sauce!

cherry tomatoes

stuffed olives

fresh orange juice

moroccan couscous

After eating a couple (Hubbie put away three!) of those pittas we were full to bursting although I did sneak a few more toms and olives later on in the evening, which I enjoyed with some fine American ales our Chicagoan friends kindly gave us the previous week.

Not exactly a recipe but I hope it's a little vegan inspiration nether the less x