Walnut, Squash and Apple Bread on One Green Planet

This walnut, squash and apple bread is my latest contribution to wonderful online publication One Green Planet. In case you weren't already aware I am all about the bread. Sweet bread that is. We had some Chicagoan friends staying with us for the weekend a while back and I wanted something wholesome with a nod to naughtiness - the naughtiness here being the sugar!

I've come to the conclusion that I am indeed addicted to the white stuff. Even though the sugar I consume is mainly organic, unrefined, I cannot kid myself any longer and must concede to calling a spade a spade - or in this case calling sugar, well, um, sugar.

Like with my soy consumption, which I've desperately tried to curtail over the past six months, sugar remains a bigger part of my diet than I'd like. I've resigned myself to the fact that whilst I will continue to drink soya milk and use sugar in my baking I can try to avoid excess intake by limiting my processed food. So far it's not been working out too badly although I couldn't resist a jar of sweet and sour sauce from Marks and Spencer, which looked far to good to pass up. I haven't used it yet but I plan to serve it with crispy fried tofu and whiter than white rice - if I'm going to be bad I might as well go the whole hog, so to speak (bad turn of phrase?).

I don't mind then that this walnut and squash bread has a cup of sugar in it because with my logic that sugar was subsequently divided by five (people), which ain't all that bad in the grand scheme of things. Besides, the bread tasted incredible and surely that's what food is all about - taste - and if sugar does one thing, it makes food taste gooooood. Am I right or am I right?

In other news I am slowly but surely getting my recently all over the place life back on track. I've been searching for a diary/personal organiser for weeks now and me being me, it came with a list of requirements - not  leather bound (you'd be surprised how many diaries are!), small enough to fit into my bag(s) yet with sufficient space to note several items in one day/week, FSC certified paper and preferably in the style of a filofax without actually being a filofax. After failing miserably to find any organiser that fitted all these requirements I was forced to admit defeat and purchase, wait for it, a......filofax! Ugh.

Thankfully it is cotton covered but I'm pretty sure the paper is from the Brazillian rainforest or summat along those lines but the fact I could not find one decent vegan diary was slightly alarming and depressing. Another thing that depressed me this week was the discovery that propolis is an animal derived ingredient that I have been using, blissfully unaware of its origins. Tom's of Maine make my favourite toothpaste and when it clearly says on the back of each tube 'contain's no animal ingredients' I tend to believe it. Call me gullible, a sucker or indeed stupid but I take these things at face value otherwise I'd eat/use/wear nothing for fear that it might conflict with my vegan credentials. Hah! What a fool!

Indeed, I even went so far as to recommend this very toothpaste on my latest Youtube vlog until I was kindly informed by LovingVegan that I had made a huge error in recommending this as a vegan toothpaste when it simply isn't. Lesson learned. Google everything.

If you want to read Tom's justification for using propolis you can find it here. Personally, I felt a little duped and was disappointed in Tom's (yes, I know they're owned by Colgate but still). It is more than deceptive to boldly claim a product contains 'no animal ingredients' when it quite plainly does, no matter what your twisted reasoning behind it is. Now, of course, I'm torn because, like I said in my vlog, I've tried the Weleda plant gel and pretty much hated it (sorry Weleda) and well, even though I'm loathed to say it, I really love this toothpaste. Obviously I won't be purchasing this particular variety again but I'm naffed off with Tom's now and would rather support another company that is more up front and honest about the ingredients contained in their products. I think an email might be in order....


Now that I've off loaded all of my irks, complaints and current stresses I shall bid you adieu and hop foot it into my kitchen where I shall be preparing a grossly easy meal of vegan sausage and mash. Next week will be a better week - so I keep telling myself. Now that I've got my organiser I will be completely on top of things (surely?) and who knows, maybe my posts will be more food, less ranting. Stranger things have happened.