Happy Halloween!!!

Tonight we'll be carving pumpkins, eating bowls of pepper, squash and black bean chilli (made with my not so secret ingredient....dark chocolate), sipping on some spiced cider and chowing down on some 'bloody balls'.

What are 'bloody balls', I hear you cry! They're a chestnut concoction similar to that of a raw ball except not raw, if you get my drift, covered in an orangey red white chocolate coating. I was planning on posting them today and present them to you as 'bat balls'. I had it all planned out. I was going to put them on sticks (like cake balls), cover them in dark chocolate and give them wings. Great!

Then I had the bright idea to make them 'pumpkin balls' - y'know, the carved kind with little triangular eyes and all that. Again, I had it all planned out. I bought some vegan white chocolate, natural food colouring (red and yellow) and my special touch for the eyes, mouth and nose were going to be cacao nibs - they're the perfect size and shape. Clever, no?

What wasn't so terribly clever was not realising vegan white chocolate doesn't melt so well (did you know this? i didn't) and even when you encourage it with a little vegan butter and soy milk, it becomes a clear liquid. Not so helpful. I soldiered on, adding a little yellow food colouring, whisking, adding a touch of red and after a while it actually started to look pretty good. I was heartened. I finally managed to get a sufficiently orange shade but they didn't coat the balls to my satisfaction - I wanted them completely opaque but the white chocolate just didn't cover them well enough, it was still too translucent for my liking. Hey ho!

Sooooo, I resigned myself to having 'bloody balls' for Halloween, which is still apt, so I'm happy. Thankfully they tasted awesome (a bit like a caramel my Husband said) but I wasn't happy enough with their appearance to put them on the blog. However!!! I will, probably this week, post the chestnut ball recipe complete with photos, I promise.

Of course, I couldn't let you go empty handed this all hallows eve, so please accept this vegan pumpkin muffin recipe (an oldie but a goody) and this delicious vegan pumpkin butter. Enjoy and...........



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