Faux Fur Folly

This is a love it or loathe it type post. Faux fur is a contentious issue and for good reason - you're either 100% comfortable donning a garment made to resemble that of an animal skin or you're not. Some people would argue the fact such a garment looks completely fake is irrelevant, as the mere suggestion of skin for clothing is one that is in bad taste.

If you take this stance, however, be prepared to forgo all leather look items, as surely these imply the same thing? Nowadays faux leather is so convincing that, without being told to the contrary, most people simply assume it is the real deal. I myself have been 'called out' on a pair of very authentic looking leather look wedges only for the person to be corrected in their misassumption.

It wasn't very long ago when I was chatised for wearing a leopard print cardi so I assume there to be very strong opinions on this little number - faux fur jacket and earmuffs no less! Before y'all go hating on me though can we focus on the stripy tee underneath the faux thing?

Organic cotton from Zara and part of what would seem to be the high streets increasing awareness of the part they play in sustainable fashion - or lack thereof, as the case may be. I must admit to not being able to shop guilt free for quite some time now. Every purchase I make, I usually make with a heavy heart, which kinda kills your shopping buzz but hey, maybe that's a good thing?

Part of me is glad I'm no longer the person who goes storming round the shops buying anything I desire without questioning its material, origins or indeed my motives - because, let's face it, I rarely need that new pair of shoes or umpteenth dress, top, skirt, whatever. So, everything I now buy is what I call a considered purchase and it comes with a list of internal questions:

1. what material is it made from?

2. where has it been made?

3. what is this particular stores ethical policy?

4. do I really need it?

Depending on the particular item there may or may not be a few additional questions because vegan does not always equal ethical nor does a vegan choice absolve you of all other shopping 'sins'. Who in the heck wants to equate shopping with sinning anyway but unfortunately for me much of the joy I once got from hitting the high street has dissipated somewhat.

That doesn't mean I don't still crave clothing because I do. I love fashion, always have and doubt that will ever change. But now that I've got the 'list' and a rather weighted conscience, I fear I will never be able to shop with the same sheer abandon as I used to.

Just as well then that my Mother bought me both the organic cotton stripy tee and the purple cords I'm wearing in these shots, which meant I could fully enjoy them without feeling like I might have contributed to a child slavery ring in the Far East or furthering the increasing hole in the ozone layer. Phew!

By golly this conscience lark can but be a bore sometimes.

p.s. thanks for the goods Ma! (she hates it when I call her that)

faux fur coat: urban outfitters, faux fur earmuffs: h&m, purple cords: jigsaw, organic cotton stripy tee: zara, scarf: vintage, mustard faux leather belt: m&co, grey ankle boots: office, large green ring: m&co, yellow brooch: noa noa

vegan fashionAine Carlin