Vegan Christmas Ideas!

I'm branching out. Whilst food blogging has been a major focus in my life for almost two years now, I can't deny my enthusiasm has somewhat waned of late and, as my life evolves, I find myself wanting to write about my other interests too.

That's not to say I won't be adding the odd recipe but PeaSoupEats will be diversifying a bit to include most notably a PeaSoupWears (ya dig?) and PeaSoupMakes (crafty!) section, which I hope will be of just as much interest as my food.

I love blogging. It's what I do. I almost treat it like a journal (I'm not so sure that's a good thing!) and it has been my salvation on many occasions but recently I've struggled to write about my food. Recipes have generally come easy to me and whilst I'm no Nigella, I've never really struggled in the kitchen, however, over the last few months my cooking confidence has slowly been dissipating (I don't know why and where to but it has) and I feel like now is the time I should address it.

My plan of action is simple. Back to basics. No more experimenting in the kitchen. Just plain, simple meals that I know like the back of hand, require virtually no thinking power and taste great. Luckily, I have a long list of those already up my sleeve so my plan shouldn't become derailed too easily.

I'm also excited about reading more cookbooks, blogs and occasionally making a few carefully chosen recipes and I may or may not feel compelled to photograph them. We'll see. I'm  not putting any pressure on myself, just doing what feels comfortable and going with the flow.

Like many of you, I am ever so slightly freaking out about Christmas and this move isn't helping. So, over the next few weeks, I'll be relying on familiar recipes, like the ones below, to keep me sane. These are quick, easy and delicious recipes. Minimal ingredients, short prep and cooking time, exactly what I need at this time of year.

I was pretty relaxed last Christmas and I hope I can breeze through this year in the same fashion. One thing's for sure, these recipes will most certainly help keep those stress levels at bay.

1. festive slaw and winter fizz cocktail

2. mont blanc cheescake

3. chocolate truffles

4. walnut squash and apple bread

5. mini tofu frittatas

6. sweet potato casserole