Young & Pure Eye Make-up Remover

Cruelty free cosmetics.

Should there be any other kind?

I mean, really? Why are we still testing mascaras, lipsticks, lotions and potions on bunnies and beagles? Yeah, you read right. Beagles! Or so I heard today but you know what? I totally believe it! Because, what's the difference between a rabbit or a dog or a hamster or a rat?

I don't know any girl that wants to use cosmetics that come with a history of pain, misery and cruelty and you don't have to be vegan to feel this way. I should know because I've done the research - if you call research asking a load of people on a casual conversational basis, and yet the consensus is unanimous. My (non-vegan) girlfriends, family, friends, random people I meet(ahem), all say the same thing - they'd rather buy and use cruelty free products. Fact.

It certainly doesn't hurt that we've got a wealth of choice now and it's growing everyday. Hurrah, hurray, callooh, callay!

So, you see, this isn't a rant, nor is it a 'vegan' post. This is a common sense post.

Maybe this Christmas, before you purchase that special gift for your Aunt, Grandmother, Sister or Dad, think about the cruelty credentials of that product. It only takes a minute. A second even. And if you're not sure which companies to avoid then check it here.

While we're at, why not avoid toxins too. I mean, why not? Parabens. Synthetic fragrance. That kinda thing. Our skin is one big organ so why douse it in nasties?

I've been checking out my options recently and came across this wonderful Young and Pure brand at my local healthstore and whilst it's intended for 'young skin' (and by young, I don't think they mean 30!) it works beautifully for the delicate skin around my eyes. Not only that but it ever so gently removed every scrap of eye make-up without much effort. No dryness. No tightness. Perfect.

I highly recommend.

Goodnight x