Winter Warmer Cocktail

What an unbelievably stressful few days it has been.

As if Christmas wasn't all consuming enough, we've just gone and moved back to London in the midst of it and things haven't exactly gone according to plan - the plan being, to move in, unpack, decorate our new flat and begin preparations for the big day. No such luck. We arrived to a filthy flat that requires total repainting, a dodgy boiler, a nest of ladybirds in the spare room, I think I'll leave it there.

Some of you may know already, so forgive for repeating myself, but we have moved into the apartment just above my Sister - much to my Mothers delight! It's a two bedroom flat, which means Mama and Papa have their own room for when they come to visit and seeing as the flights back to Ireland were of a colossal nature they have instead decided to travel to us this year.

That means I will be in charge of Christmas dinner, and whilst this is not unfamiliar territory, I am a little more anxious than usual because of the move.

Delegation will be key. I shall be dividing tasks between myself and my Sister, as my list of side dishes almost runs into double numbers:

sweet potato casserole

green bean casserole

braised cabbage and apple

maple roasted parsnips

stuffing balls

sliced brussels with chestnuts and dried cranberries

roast potato

cranberry sauce

bread sauce


Wait! That is double numbers. I must be mad.

And not forgetting dessert, snacks and bread for Christmas morning....

pumpkin pie

Nigella's veganized trifle

ginger bundt cake

vegan pumpkin everything bread (this has become somewhat of a tradition in our house)

Yes, I am most definitely mad.

Factor in the fact our apartment is nowhere near habitable and I have another weeks work experience at Closer Mag and you'll begin to understand why I need a few festive cocktails to get me help me through what has turned into a mega manic time.

If, like me, you need some alcoholic aid to see you through the yuletide season then look no further than my Winter Warmer cocktail, which has just enough bite to put a spring back in your weary step.

It's great to see that cider is taking off again as a Christmas drink here in Britain. Many moons ago, it was traditional to have cider at this time of year but since our tastes have become more 'sophisticated' we have swapped cider for Champagne. Look at us getting all European! I for one am glad to see cider taking main stage again, as I'm all about championing local produce and here in the UK we have some fabulous ciders on offer.

Aspall cider is my current favourite although it changes periodically. For this cocktail you don't want anything too dry so go for a medium sweet cider and definitely not anything too fizzy.

Now forgive me whilst I scarper but I must attend to my ladybirds. Any advice on how to remove these creatures without using a vac on them (as per our Landlords advice)?

whiskey warmer

1 part scotch

1 part disaronno

3 parts cider

2 parts ginger ale

Firstly ensure your selected cider and scotch is vegan friendly. Next up make sure the ginger ale and cider are nicely chilled.

You’ll need a champagne flute – it will work in other glasses, of course, but I find the flute works best.

Measure out and pour in one shot of scotch followed by the disaronno. Tip the glass slightly to pour in the chilled cider and then carefully and slowly top with the ginger ale.

Serve immediately.

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