Ultimate Vegan Christmas Leftover Sandwich!!!


Did I really put cold gravy on my Christmas leftover sandwich?

You bet your cotton headed ninny muggins ass I did!

For me, this is the only way to eat those Christmas dinner remains although even I forgot one crucial ingredient that would've taken this sandwich from great to, well, even greater.

I could've kicked myself when I remembered the Swedish mustard I'd especially purchased for such an eventuality after I had consumed the entire thing - gah!

Sweeter than American mustard and not so 'blow yer head off' as English, Swedish mustard is, in my humble opinion, the best example of a condiment there is.

Luckily this sandwich was all sorts of awesomeness, it actually didn't matter I had forgotten to smear it generously on my tofurkey slice. I have no doubt we'll be indulging in another Christmas style dinner on New Years Day, as is tradition, so I have a chance to rectify my minor oversight then.

In the meantime, I insist you put those leftovers to good use and make an ultimate sandwich  of your very own. Suffice to say, after eating one of these monsters you'll not be wanting dinner although there's always room for random forkfuls of cold green bean casserole in my world.

Christmas rocks!



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