Orange Tights!

Unusually for me I've been at the sales. I normally avoid them like the plague but my Mum and Sister wanted to hit them up so I tagged along and actually found some great little bargains.

I spied these 120 denier orange tights in Topshop as well as some awesome mustard ones and seeing as they were half price I thought why not buy both? So I did!

These are super bright and made me feel cheery all day. I paired them with a vintage tennis skirt and grey polo neck, which I got in the Gap sale for 6.99. If you're wondering what on earth I have on my feet, they're my Eeyore slippers - sooooo comfy and perfect for wearing around my flat because we have a no shoe policy.

Are you a fan of coloured tights? What colours do you own and what do you wear them with?

Fun tights. Fun times:)

Happy New Year xxxx

vegan fashionAine Carlin