Pom Orange Drink


Not so much a recipe post, as a this is what i'm currently digging post.

I doubt anyone needs to be told that mixing two kinds of juices creates an uber delicious juice but what the heck......pomegranate and orange is definitely worth a mention. Dare I say it - it trumps cranberry and orange by about a thousand percent. No lie. I'm digging it. Big time.

You may note my 80's patterned tall glass, which was picked up in a random Welsh charity shop several years ago. We were spending News Years Eve in a cottage with friends and our 80's theme needed some appropriate accessories - you can't be drinking out of a modern glass whilst clad from head to toe in neon for petes sake!

And the crazy naked lady cocktail stirrer? Well, that was 'gift' from my Mother. Nuff said.


orange juice

pomegranate juice


put ice in a glass.

fill half with orange juice and top up with pomegranate juice.


drink up!


cocktails, veganAine Carlin