Things I Love.....

1. Grapefruit on a Saturday morning. Preferably prefixed by a coffee. Well, you gotta balance the good with the bad, right?

2. Making my house flat a home. Aided by my accumulated nik naks, which all have a place in my heart and some of which are lovingly displayed on and in my beautiful retro unit, which we were given free of charge from a vintage shop in Cornwall when it was closing. Sad but also good. I had previously bought some dessert forks from the same place so I didn't feel too guilty.

3. Lilac nails. Officially my new favourite nail colour and also happens to be the exact shade my mother wore on her wedding day (yes, she was and is still that cool). I was kindly gifted the varnish in question by the lovely Claire Brayford, who is Deputy Fashion Editor at The Daily Express - yay and thank you Claire!

4. My 2012 Chinese Calendar, which brightens up the wall in our kitchen and completes our curious collection of all things retro, vintage and kitsch (nothing is more kitsch than a Chinese Calendar, surely?). You say tacky. I say amazeballs. Note the name of the establishment where we got said calendar, namely the Sea Palace in wonderful, magnificent, glorious Penzance. If you are ever in the vicinity(and you really should make it a point to be) you must, must, must check this place out - the deep fried tofu alone will blow your mind! No word of a lie - I often fantasize about the stuff.

5. My 60's fruit bowl, which is a brilliantly odd but actually extremely practical shape. It displays our fruit with aplomb and was met with great admiration by my Husband when I brought it home from Oxfam one day (I believe it set me back 90p). We are major designs freaks and especially love anything of the 60's Danish Teak variety and this fruit bowl kinda alludes to that style. We both majorly heart it.

After listing these lovely things it suddenly occurred that most of it was free, gifted or cost very little money. In fact, I think the most expensive item might actually be the grapefruit, which is pretty mental considering it will have given me pleasure for the least amount of time - not that I measure such things in that way but you get my meaning?! Anyway, it's food for thought, wouldn't you agree?

What things do you love? Photograph them and share. Happy final weekend of January everyone - it only gets better from here on in! xxx