London Fashion Week Round Up!

What can I possibly say about London Fashion Week other than it was completely and totally mind blowingly awesome in every possible way. I don't think I've properly digested everything so apologies if this post seems a little ramshackle - bits & bobs, highlights, favourite collections, outfits etc - too much to tell and too little brain power as yet to configure it neatly in my tiny mind.

I'm not exactly sure where to begin so let me tell mention the location first - Somerset House. Totally spectacular and a perfect setting for an inspiring week of design. The cobbles aren't so great for walking in heels but the building is so utterly breathtaking, I can overlook that one tiny niggle.

Walking the gauntlet of photographers everyday was also more than a little intimidating. Funnily enough I was mostly stopped by Japanese Mags - which kind of thrilled me a bit, as I've always loved Japanese fashion and confirmed what I've suspected for a while now.......I need to visit that country!

People watching actually became one of the best aspects of fashion week - I find street style so inspiring and I wasn't disappointed with the outfits that were rolled out. London has got it goin' on!

Now, where do I start with the shows. Too many to mention really but my top picks have got to be Daks, Prose, Pam Hogg and for sheer unadulerated drama the award goes to Inbar Spector. Wow! I also keep thinking about how starkly beautiful the Antoni&Alison dresses were - those prints floated my boat big time. Would totally wear all of them.

The Daks collection was faultless, in my opinion, and all totally wearable. Classic British design (okay, the designer is American born but the house is British) with enough of a modern spin to make it feel fresh and totally new. The cut, the tailoring, the palate, all of it wonderful. Love, want, need.

Prose was another standout collection for me. The textures were unspeakably stunning and I love the fact she paired many of her standout pieces with a simple black polo - totally a look I rock, great minds think alike......

Attending the Pam Hogg show was like a frickin' punk gig. Wild peeps in the queue as well as a show from Janice Dickinson and Jo Wood - could it get any more rock and roll?! Actress Jamie Winstone took to the catwalk in a magnificent dress and oversized bonnet. Despite her small stature she certainly lit up that runway as much as any of her leggy counterparts.

The week was made so much more fun by the fantastic company in the form of my fellow intern colleague, Francisco, and my lady bosses at the Express - fun times!

Of course, if it hadn't be for the kindness of The Daily Express team, I wouldn't have had the privilege of attending London Fashion Week at all, so to everyone there, thank you, thank you, thank you!

For me the most exciting discovery of the week was the lack of trends for next season. Yes! This could not make me happier. That may sound weird coming from someone who wants to work in fashion but I've always loathed trends - people should look unique and individual, not like clones, dressed head to toe in a look they've copied straight from a magazine. Rather a counter intuitive comment from a budding stylist perhaps but that's how I feel.

If London Fashion Week has taught me anything, it's that the UK is still a hub for innovation and sheer creativity that knows no bounds. The Central St Martins Masters show I witnessed was proof of that alone. Bizarre and brilliant.


From the catwalk to the cafe. The Peter Jensen print which adorned the Embankment Cafe was, to put it bluntly, perfect, and felt like it enveloped all the fashionistas in style whilst they sipped on champagne - free on the first day, wahoo, guzzle guzzle!

A shout out to a show and designer I didn't have the fortune to see. Vivienne Westwood has long since been a heroine of mine and even though she's currently in the dog house with the fashion press after saying 'people have never looked so ugly as they do today', she's still my number one.

Her AW2012 collection was outrageous and perfect. It's probably just as well I didn't attend the show as I may have squealed with delight from beginning to end. Majorly heart.

All I can say is - bring on Spring/Summer 2013 baby! Bring. It. On!

Oh, and before you go I must urge you to head over to postcardsfromlondon for more Fashion Week fun - doooo iiiiit.

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