Picture Framing On A Budget

Whilst perusing some of my current most read blogs this morning I came across a post that initially thrilled me and then subsequently confused me. It is posts like these that make me think I am not entirely in touch with reality or the alternative could be that it is others who are not.

Either way, in my world, such as it is, I live on a fairly tight budget but have a rather unfortunate love for all things pretty. Believe it or not though, you can still have the pretty without the hefty price tag and with a little imagination can transform your home from one bereft of character into a place you are proud to invite people - friends mainly although strangers are welcome too as long as they bring gifts....

Budgeting. I have never known any different. I've never had the luxury of having oodles of disposable cash to buy everything I desire for our rented flat and therefore have always had a keen eye for a bargain. Along the way I have found incredible vintage pieces in all sorts of places and since we discovered auctions (not ebay, real auctions) there has been no stopping us.

From our 50's footstool to our car boot 60's smoked glass coffee table, our flat is literally filled with furniture that has been pre-loved and cost us pennies, pounds and at times, nothing. Even our one extravagance, our dining table, which is from Crate&Barrel in Chicago, came in at under half price because we sourced it from an outlet store. See? Bargain. Hunters.

So when I read that someone has saved money by using a pretty invite to adorn their walls, I heartily approved. Good work my friend, I thought to myself and nodded with pleasure at the fact someone has turned something that is normally fleetingly admired and then binned into a piece of art, which will bring hours of visual pleasure for years to come. Again, good work my friend, I say.

To undo all that good work by popping it in a frame that set you back 35quid is surely madness then?! I mean, 35quid isn't to be sniffed at. You can buy a lot of pretty things with 35quid. In fact, you could buy 35 photo frames if you did what we do and visit any charity shop, which have an array of picture frames usually going for no more than a pound.

Invest in a little spray paint (around 7 quid and should coat up to 7 frames) and all of a sudden you have breathed life into an old frame and made your walls looks pretty for the small sum of 2 pounds. Now, that is what I call thrifty.

And the contents of the frame? A wonderful Mary Blair (illustrator extraordinaire) special we printed ourselves, i.e. free of charge, and the photo paper came with the colour printer, so again, free.

Free plus 2 quid = not a bad days budgeting.


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