What I'm loving. Eating. Wearing.

So it would seem one post a week it all I can muster whilst I'm interning. Hmmm. Still though, I hope I can content you with a rundown of what I've been currently cooking, eating, drinking, wearing and generally loving over the past few weeks.

I wholeheartedly intend to post a recipe tomorrow though just so you don't forget this is in fact a food blog. When I say recipe, of course, what I really mean is a dish that requires no more than a few steps - so, yet again, an 'assembling' jobbo. Likewise, just about all I can muster when I either a. get up in the morning, b. come home in the evening or c. can be bothered to make at the weekend whilst I am recovering from my working week.

On the plus side, I'm pleased to say my stamina levels are on the up and up, as I slowly acclimatize to my new 9-5 routine (or 10-6, as the case may be).

Dinner has generally been a rushed affair although no less tasty than usual and as I grapple with adjusting my already existing recipe repertoire to fit in with my new lifestyle I am finding new ways of cooking and eating on the hop. Sushi rice seasoning is a great way of injecting a bit of flavour and zing to my stirfries and where I would normally allow my tomato sauce to simmer for hours, I've found a bit more herb, balsamic and muscovado sugar action goes a long way to bringing out flavour in a short space of time.

To further save us time and energy, we have succombed to having our fruit and veg delivered. After much research we settled on The Organic Delivery Company who provide us with an enormous box of seasonal produce on a weekly basis - all of it so wonderful we could never go back to Supermarket stock again. Quite honestly, it is the best 40quid (we opted for the largest box) we part with and even though we always ate a substantial amount of fruit and veg, our intake has probably now doubled. They also deliver cupboard essentials like pulses, canned tomatoes and tofu - a good range of it too. Fantastic.

Clothing wise, I'm still a thrifter at heart and therefore most of what I wear is vintage, second hand etc, which I usually pair with basic essentials from places like Zara, Gap, H&M although I aim to be a bit more selective in the future where I get my newbies from, as I really loathe partaking in fast fashion although I can't deny it is my one of my biggest downfalls.

We've totally curtailed our spending since February and I have to say we are doing pretty darn well on the frugal front with less and less being spent on non-essentials. However, in my world cupcakes and coffee are still regarded as essentials....

Friday saw the end of my internship with The Daily Express although I wasn't too sad as I have a feeling I'll be back at some point for another little stint with the fashion team. I can't thank everyone enough for the magnificent opportunity to work there, it's been an invaluable stepping stone in my endeavour to make this styling/writing lark an actual career. I was so chuffed with my goodie bag too, full of super pretty things -including several eco-conscious items from ecotools and weleda. They know me too well.

I might as well end with my enduring love for Marmite. If you don't know how I feel about the stuff already, then read this and you'll be in no doubt about how greatly my regard is for this sticky, salty glorious goo that I spread on toast, dollop in sauces and, at times, eat straight from the jar.