New Specs! New Specs! New Specs!

I finally got around to getting some new spectacles last week after procrastinating for months and waiting for my bank balance to be a little less dry!

Me being me, of course, I'd already trawled the internet and had some idea before I went searching in earnest what shape I desired for my new frames. I had half a thought to forgo the opticians altogether and buy them directly from awesome online spectacle store Bonlook, as I adore all the glasses on that site but temptation got the better of me and I ended up blowing my meagre budget in Specsavers.

To be honest, internet shopping isn't really my thing and this was at the back of my mind when I decided against getting my specs from a website. Having already experienced one previous internet spectacle disaster, I was wary of doing the same again and ending up with another pair that were so unbearably uncomfortable they were rendered useless.  I'm all about the try before you buy!

With that, I set about exploring every available opticians in Derry (my hometown - I was visiting for a week) and whilst I sampled some seriously fabulous frames including a pair of Lafont beauties that were waaaaaay out of my price range, I opted for the two for one option at trusty old Specsavers. I hadn't bought glasses from Specsavers since 2006 (they keep records!) so I was pleasantly surprised to see what a wide range of trendy frames they had and with a two for one offer on all frames, who can argue?!

I was stuck on four different pairs, which I mulled on overnight finally settling on these two. The super round grey pair are actually from the new Gok Wan range and whilst I would normally run a mile from such things (terrified half the country will be wearing the same ones) I completely fell in love with these babies. I figure most people will try them on, admire them and then opt for a less curious pair. Here's hoping anyway...

The tortoiseshell ones were a dead cert from the get go. They just suit the shape of my face perfectly and were exactly what I wanted - classic, timeless with a retro edge. I think they fit the bill, don't you?