a look at my lunches....

olives, homemade slow roasted tomatoes, grilled marinated artichokes, toasted wholemeal roll spread with sweet harissa and plain hummus, organic black seedless grapes

Having promised you a certain carrot and ginger soup yesterday, I may have got waylaid and ended up with a lunch focused post instead. Not sure why really 'cept maybe I've missed partaking in the What I Ate Wednesday shenanigans and thought you might like a look at a normal weeks afternoon eats.

Generally speaking I don't give lunch a terrible amount of thought. I certainly don't plan my lunches in the same way I plan dinner, so it's usually a hotch potch of what I have hanging around the cupboard/fridge that I don't intend to use for our evening meal.

We usually have a few soups ordered with our weekly veg box - they're organic soups, my current favourite is a red pepper and lentil, which is kinda to die for. I know most people think soups are bit whatever but I am a self proclaimed crazy soup lover lady. Can't get enough of it.

fried sliced white cabbage and fennel with smoked paprika and flat leaf parsley, sliced fried tofu sausage, lettuce leaves, wholemeal roll spread with sweet harissa hummus

If we don't have any soup or Hubby fancies something else or I decide we probably should mix it up then my next option will always be a 'bits & bobs' type affair. Variety is the spice of life they say and for me this is most appropriately applied to my plate. Tapas, Antipasti, Dim Sum, Sushi. You get me? Variety equals good.

Other times I'm just trying to use up ingredients like, for example, the never ending cabbage I've been seemingly hacking through for what feels like a lifetime. Get out of my fridge cabbage, I've had enough of your mocking white leaves! Best way to serve bland white cabbage? Thinly slice, fry with fennel, season generously and stir through some smoked paprika. I've done this twice already this week and still have half a cabbage left. Get out of my fridge cabbage!!

Today, I'm serving up leftovers from last nights dinner, namely pasta salad with grated carrot, basil tofu, tarragon and nayonaise dressing. So. Good. Might throw a little salad together or spread a rice cake with hummus and top with sliced tomato. Nice.

red pepper and lentil soup, toasted burrito filled with hummus and slow roasted tomatoes

*tummy rubbles*

*dashes off to get grub*