all dressed up and nowhere to go

It would seem my food blog is slowly morphing into a lifestyle blog. I hope this doesn't bother too many of you. I can imagine any male readers I have will be less than impressed with yet another outfit post and for this I can only apologise. Sorry? Recipe tomorrow to make up for it?

I can't deny I'm enjoying my blogging life more now than I ever have because I don't feel so restricted. Don't get me wrong, food is my passion but I have so many other loves in my life it seems a shame not to share.

One other significant obsession of mine is vintage clothing. I've always shopped this way, much to my Mothers horror-I'm not so sure she appreciated me spending my pocket money on second hand goodies from Oxfam but it's just a lifestyle I was always drawn to. Lord knows where this thrifting bug came from but it has stayed with me right through adulthood and is slowly determining my professional life. What weird karmic action is going down there?

This little number (a wicked pink and orange 1960s psychedelic mini dress) was not actually my own find but rather my Sisters - it would seem this thrifting bug is contagious! She was parting ways with it a few years back and luckily I found it before it made its journey to the charity shop - close call! I've even been photographed for a magazine wearing it when I took part in a 'come dine with me' style feature a while back.

I donned it again for a very special birthday party we were supposed to attend on Sunday. A certain legend, namely the incomparable Des O'Connor, was turning 80. The man is eighty!

After making an effort (which is more than can be said for some of the attendees, ahem) we were hugely disppointed to not actually get in-too many 'priorities' apparently. Ugh. And so we found ourselves all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Off we trundled then to the O2 arena to catch a film only to have the worst cinematic experience EVER! Not only was the film not up to much (The Devil Inside-we were late for everything else) but the audience were so phenomenally bad mannered they ruined the entire film from beginning to end. Based on this one truly awful experience I will never return to this cinema again. The place itself was also so totally mind blowingly soulless, we couldn't even bring ourselves to stay for a drink. You failed to impress O2 arena and with us it's one strike and you're out. Harsh but necessary - there's just too many cool places to hang out in London, we can't be wasting time on below par establishments.

Ah well, at least I got to wear a pretty dress.

dress - vintage  tights - topshop  shoes - peacocks  coral lippy - barry m

Oh yes! Another piece of exciting news (for me anyway) is that I've signed up to etsy and opened my own little vintage store - cool, eh? Do stop by for a browse! It may be a little barren at the moment but I have items lined up to photograph and upload etc. so the shop will be an ever evolving thing. Do let me know if you like the look of any of the items, I'd love any feedback x

My etsy shop