Spring has Sprung!

Spring has arrived! Or at least until the predicted snow shows up on Wednesday. Really weather? I mean, reeeeaaaallllly?

For now, however, I am happy to bask in the unusually hot sun (trust me, sun does not always equal warmth - I have lived in Chicago and Ireland to prove the point!) and for the first time in my life (childhood home notwithstanding) I have my very own garden in which to enjoy it. Yes, I have a garden. And I have garden chairs. This makes me very happy.

A few other things that make me happy....

new bedsheets - I lucked out with a Zandra Rhodes set in a recent TKMaxx haul. I'm not normally one for names and logos (read loathe) but when comes to Zandra, all bets are off that pet hate goes out the window. I'd happily have her name tattooed on me, if that wasn't totally weird and creepy.

new dresser knobs - yep, from the aforementioned haul. Mismatched and mega cute, exactly what I needed to freshen up my vintage dresser. I spent about 45minutes deciding which ones I preferred but I think I made the right choice.

glass dishes - I have a slight obsession with trinket bowls especially of the glass variety. I have several on my dresser and a new one, which I've placed on my 1950's bedside table. How much did it set me back? A pretty silly 30p at a Cats Protection charity shop. Bargain!

my tres beautiful 1950s beside table (pictured at top of post) - i spent years hunting down the perfect one and finally found this gorgeous pale pink beauty in Blackheath at award winning independent store Sisters & Daughters. They also happen to have a ridiculous vintage rail. That's kinda one of my new favourite haunts....should I really divulge that....ugh, too late.....hit it up, you won't regret it!

my ever expanding scarf collection - you could say I am 'totes' obsessed with vintage scarves. It quite honestly knows no bounds and this hanger is the evidence. On my head, around my neck, adorning my bag (nb. this is a dangerous scarf losing practice), you most likely won't find me without one on any given day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sit in my garden chair and enjoy the last of the spring sun.



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