School Marm

  paisley shirt: charity shop  skirt: river island  hair scarf: vintage  grey tights: tabio  shoes: H! by Henry Holland  bag: vintage  earrings: camden market

Looking like a school marm comes quite naturally to me - not sure whether that is a good thing - and I often find myself, almost accidentally looking like I'm about to teach a geography lesson.

In a previous life I was in fact a school teacher (music and drama; secondary and primary), which probably goes some way in explaining this tendency to wear skirts that fall within the midi range. I'm told this length should never be worn with flats, however, those kind of rules rarely affect how I choose to dress myself.

Some might say this length is unflattering on someone of my short stature but I'm rather fond of the midi flat combo - not just for comfort although that is a major draw.

In fact, I do own several pairs of wedges that look fantastic with this skirt but as we were going on a walk of indeterminate length I decided to forgo fashion for flats. Turns out that was the right decision, as our walk turned into a jaunt into my old stomping ground of New Cross (I attended Goldsmiths College for five years), which subsequently resulted in us staying out until the wee hours as we danced and drank (currently dealing with a major hangover - ouch!).

We even did the unthinkable and grabbed ourselves a kebab (falafel, not meat...obv.) with chips, which was greasy but oh so good - just what we needed to soak up some of that alcohol. We've gradually become major lightweights when it comes to partying and to be honest I'm rarely in the mood for a knees up these days although I can't deny I still love a good boogie.

After dancing until 3am, we are well and truly spent today.  It's been so long since we've had a night out like that I'd totally forgotten about the after effects - no energy, thumping headache, insatiable appetite and constant thirst.

The hunger I can deal with seeing as there's nothing i like better than having an excuse to eat but this lethargy is a killer. It's almost enough to put me off doing it ever again. Almost.

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