Uke Time

Something you may or may not know about me is that I come from a musical family. My Dad is a fantastic bass player and has spent most of his life in bands, even touring all over the world in his younger years. His talents also extend to acoustic guitar and keyboard although there's nothing I like better than to hear him rocking out on the bass - the man has serious rhythm, s'all I'm sayin'!

Likewise, my Mother was a long standing member of a very well renowned Irish choir called The Colmcille Ladies. They've performed for the President of the United States, don't you know! So you could say music is in our blood and in our bones.

Growing up my Sister and I attended music lessons several times a week - I play violin, piano and I sing whilst my Sister is a truly awesome recorder player (superb tone) as well as being pretty damn good on the old Of course, her main gift in life is her kinda amazing voice. We're not the only ones who think so because the record label peeps snapped her up sharpish when she graduated from music college and she's just completed her first album(it's called Songbook and you can pre-order it here). It's all very exciting.

I myself went on to study music at Goldsmiths College and ended up staying for five years (God, I loved that place) racking up several qualifications (bmus, mmus, pgce) resulting in me taking up a teaching post at an all girls secondary school. Whilst I knew in my heart it wasn't the career for me I nether the less enjoyed some of my time as a music and drama teacher - let's just say working with the kids was the easy part....ahem.

Anywho, in recent years, after music literally consuming my life - I've performed since I was very small - I somehow misplaced my passion. I acted, I wrote, I blogged but there was something missing. Something that had given me immense pleasure for the majority of my increasingly not so short time here on planet earth. Making music.

I was drawn to the ukulele because of it's size (always a sucker for a portable instrument) and it's childlike charm. Of course, being a string player meant I was able to pick it up fairly quickly and easily although I'm nowhere near as good as I would like to be but practice was not something I was willing to put in and I'll tell you why....ukulele time was not going to turn into a strive for perfection and being a hopeless perfectionist this was and still is actually quite difficult for me.

Nope, the uke is for me and me alone. I strum, I hum, I sing, I play. For me. This is not performance driven. This is pleasure driven. I never thought such a dinky little instrument could give me back my music mojo but it has and for that alone it deserves a mention.

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