Good Things Body Lotion Review

 I'm always on the lookout for really great vegan beauty products. Having a weakness for lotions and potions can be tricky when trying to lead a cruelty free existence although thankfully it is becoming easier with amazing brands, like Good Things, becoming more mainstream. I remember when this brand first emerged a few years back. It was relegated to the bottom shelf with L'Oreal and the likes taking centre shelf stage - big brands, big bucks, big influence. Now though, it can be found near enough alongside the big bods depending on where you shop. Sainsbury's had the range on the top shelf and Boots had it in a prime spot next to Jergens.

Gradually, it would seem, we are learning about the nasties (namely parabens) hidden in our creams, gels, powders and and are no longer happy to slather ourselves in chemicals that have been linked to the big C.

Away from such serious topics, when it comes to body lotion I am, as most girls are, more than a little particular about what I like. I take into consideration the following things...

Consistency. I like a reasonably thick cream.

Smell. I loathe anything heavily perfumed and having  sensitive skin I generally avoid creams with a fragrance.

Ingredients. As natural as humanly and indeed humanely possible. That means without parabens please and definitely not tested on animals - ya get me!

In this instance, Good Things scored highly on every count. The consistency was perfect and melted into my skin without any greasy residue. I felt perfectly moisturized for the entire day. I would also add it was particularly soothing and cooling - perfect for taking on a summer holiday.

The smell was heavenly. Made from fruit extracts and avocado oil, it is delicate but delicious. Total yummers - me likey mucho.

Best of all, the ingredients list have several notably absent culprits that are on my 'I don' fink so' list - parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oils and animal ingredients. Get in!

Yup, all in all, this is a goodun and I will continue to champion this lovely, not so little anymore, brand. Good things, you get a double thumbs up from me. Keep up the good work my fabulous beauty friends. Keeping it real yo, keeping it real.