Four of the best........Plant Milks!

I love milk. Plant Milk that is. All varieties and in abundance. On my cereal, in my tea, smoothies, milkshakes and more. As a cold afternoon beverage and as a crucial baking ingredient to give my cakes and breads some extra oomph. Yes, I love milk.

Here, I've selected four of the best although I have many more that I love equally as much - hemp, oat, unsweetened almond, quinoa, rice and any other plant you care to blitz and strain, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

Whilst I've tried to curb my soya habit, I allow myself a splash in my morning tea - it's my vice, so shoot me. I occasionally treat myself to a soya latte when we're out and about but other than that our soya intake is minimal and I'm happy with the balance we seem to have struck.

Also, I must, must, must add that many people opt for the sweetened variety when first trying out soya milk. Bad move folks. It's pretty much horrible and leaves a foul taste in the mouth. Organic unsweetened soya milk is the way to go. Trust me on this one.

The other milks I've featured are interchangeable with the ones I listed above - it all depends what is available in the supermarket etc. and even though I try to avoid sweetened plant milks I couldn't resist this new alpro soya hazelnut milk, which is seriously indulgent and we all need a little indulgence now and again, don't we?

The almond milk is, well, heaven sent and if you're into marzipan as much as me, you'll love the delicately sweet flavour too. I find it works particularly well in coffee, as it means you can forgo the sugar - we no longer keep refined sugar in the house, so this is a great option for me.

Saving the best for last, coconut milk, especially the pourable kind (although I'm obsessed with the canned variety too) is by far and away my favourite plant milk. Oh gosh, where do I begin about how great this drink is?! It's probably best if you try it for yourselves and experience its wondrous, moreish, goes with and in anything taste. Hmmmm, on seconds thoughts, maybe I don't like it so much in tea but other than that it's an all round plant milk winner.

Do you have a favourite plant milk or indeed brand? I've spread the love between four different brands here but if I were to choose an overall brand champion, it'd probably be EcoMil, as they have so many amazing varieties and the quality is superb.

Plant milk RULES!!!!!

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